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  1. The thread is starting to drift a little from its intended purpose of accessing the interest in forming a Sporting Gun club in Shetland. To date I have only seen replies from two people who are expressing further interest. Any future posts should indicate if they have further interest or the do nothing view will probably prevail on the issue.
  2. As per previous post the Clickimin range closed two years ago when the club folded and the cadets had to look at re certification of the range for further use. Its now a exercise room with all the bikes and weights in it.
  3. Good points on the difficulties etc but certainly not impossible especially if you know the rules and regulations as such in setting up a club. Depending on what types of shooting you cater for the difficulties in setting up a range vary considerably. As a matter of interest what range do the TA have in Shetland these days?. I was under the impression that all TA and cadet live fire was carried out at Fort George or other mainland ranges these days.
  4. A good post on a subject which is a perfect example of the challenges faced by Shetland shooters on compliance with a piece of legislation which does not address the criminal use of air weapons and a burden on the law abiding shooter. The issue of "Good reason" for having a Shotgun has the police focus on you being in their opinion a "Suitable person".Another issue on the AWC is that there has been no certification of Approved clubs as yet so the good reason for AWC does,nt exist at present until the process of club approval is carried out. All of the afore mentioned is a good reason for sho
  5. It has been brought up to me by a number of shooters in the isles that there might be enough interest to form a Sporting gun club which would cater to the various types of rifle and other firearms which presently have no range to use in Shetland. I would like to assess the level of interest and possible organise a meeting of interested parties should there be a viable number express an interest in formation of a club. Helitemp.
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