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  1. i'm shocked this thread dropped to the 2nd page - shame on you. I may have to bring out the sad panda again! *hic* btw wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  2. Just as an extra piece of info in regards to the Society's income, as we are a registered charity you can find some details here: http://www.oscr.org.uk/CharityIndexDetails.aspx?id=SC013445 On average it's around the £100k mark about half of which is brought in through memberships and ticket sales. Last year was slightly more as we received extra funding through Highland 2007 which was used to put on the SHOW event which brought together pupils from Shetland, Highland, Orkney and the Western Isles to share music etc and this culminated in a performance taking place as part of the Saturday night concert at Clickimin in 2007. Can't help with the membership breakdown I'm afraid as it's not my area within the committee (neither is the money side but we all get copies of the accounts at the AGM). As Mhari has hinted we're on the home stretch now so alot of our spare time is being taken up with the final preparations for the Festival so if any futher points are raised here we may not be able to respond to them quickly over the next couple of weeks.
  3. As hard as it might seem I am trying to understand the point you're trying to make but unless you're willing to explain it then it's never going to happen and there's not much point continuing this thread. I'm sorry but: Therefore how is 'the ability to get groups to Shetland' an issue in stopping people from organising a concert? The existence of the SFFS doesn't seem to have stopped the Guitar Festival, the Blues Festival, Fiddle Frenzy, the Fiddle and Accordion Festival and, on a more local level, the Thomas Fraser concerts from taking place and organising events around Shetland.
  4. I have to admit I don't understand the above comment. How do the Festival committee have a monopoly over events being organised? We organise a 4-day long music event which takes place once a year. That leaves 361(2) days where we don't. There is nothing stopping people organising their own concerts in their local area or anywhere in Shetland. Blaming the committee for lack of concerts in any area of Shetland is just nonsense. We know we can't please all the people, but if the majority of people who come to the concerts enjoy themselves then we know we must be doing something right.
  5. Not an expert but I'd imagine it would be the same as using samples from music recordings i.e. you would need to get permission to use the sampled audio from the copyright holder. edit: Mind you if the film itself was out of copyright then you'd be ok I'd guess. Mu
  6. This thread makes me sad. See how sad I am. http://www.shetlandfolkfestival.com/aec/sad-panda.jpg Shame on you. it was either this or a major rant
  7. I imagine that'll be the sort of crime he's being charged for - something to do with copyright infringement. But we're still just talking about links. He himself isn't breaking copyright (as far as I can tell) - the people hosting the material are. YouTube is a prime example - there is plenty of copyrighted material available on the site but nothing seems to be happening to Google over it.
  8. Yup, thats what it reminded me of. In a sense it was unfortunate that particular case was settled out of court (iirc) as it could of have some interesting ramifications for the web in general (remember this was over 10years ago). Admittedly Shetland News used the ST headlines to link to the ST site (again iirc) which was a bit cheeky and I think that was the crux of the copyright infringement argument. Of course it didn't help that certain individuals at both companies didn't exactly see eye to eye with each another either There have been a fair few other cases in the past regarding linking to copyrighted material but I think the most of them have been thrown out or found in the defendants favour.
  9. Just saw this this morning and thought it might be of interest given a certain thread on these very forums http://www.thenewfreedom.net/wp/2007/10/19/tv-linkscouk-raided-owner-arrested/ Completely mad if you ask me. Edit: the completely mad statement is more to do with the fact that this is links we're speaking about regardless of where they lead to. Surely it should be the sites which are hosting the material that they should be going after? I'm not getting involved in anything to do with the wider discussion of copyright infringement in general after all I guess I linked to a copyrighted article on another website - oohh that jogs the memory a bit about something else that happened many moons ago Edit no.2 - http://business.guardian.co.uk/story/0,,2195407,00.html (the guardian article regarding it - damn more linking to copyrighted material)
  10. mutopian

    Polyphonic Spree

    yup - brilliant band/collective
  11. mutopian

    Tony Wilson RIP

    crap http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/6941105.stm didn't agree with everything that came out with his mouth but theres no denying the influence he had on music of my youth.
  12. this takes me back to my first experience of seeing MTV at a mates house. Still love it to this day even though they didn't get a lot of airtime in the UK.
  13. feeling mellow and listening to Sola Rosa....nice!
  14. After my first post about the mural earlier I thought I'd better check it again. Turns out there is a mention of the museum on the mural but it doesn't exactly leap out at you compared to the rest of the stuff. Its in the bottom-right corner of the mural if no-one else has spotted it.
  15. Not really keen on it myself and given its to do with the museum shouldn't there be a mention of it somewhere (haven't spotted one)? Maybe that'll appear once its finally open to the public.
  16. Just echoing what has already been said. Very sad to hear about his passing.
  17. I just wonder if we're going to see any improvement in the public transport service to reflect the amount the prices have gone up for some people today. However I guess the council subsidy has gone down so the bus companies have to hike the prices up so much to make some money from it. Normally we're used to 5p or 10p increases but: Voe -> Lerwick up 35p (£1.65->£2.00) Weathersta -> Lerwick up 55p! (£1.75->£2.30) Best deal is to get the 10-journey tickets which makes the fares work out as only a 5p increase but if they can afford to make these available why bother putting the normal fare up by so much as obviously most people that make the journeys on a regular basis will get a ticket.
  18. http://www.upcomingdiscs.com/covers/227s1dvd.jpg
  19. The ex-finance offices have had builders in there for months doing work for another organisation to move into. Yup, health board is using them now. Downstairs is offices and upstairs is going to be accommodation (for SHOs I think)
  20. Absolutely nothing wrong with female elves Its just with the incoming expansion there I imagine theres going to be an influx of blood elf paladins/bloodknights in the early stages. I predict it'll last for a couple of weeks and then the numebrs will dwindle as they realise its not the class for them. Personally I like the class (its much more enjoyable if you avoid reading the class forum) and will probably roll one to be my main horde character when the time comes.
  21. Never really gotten into the pvp/battlegrounds honor grind although I do enjoy the odd game of warsong gulch back and forth. Unfortunately I soon become a 'marked man' being a hunter The main thing that put me off was being a member of Imperial Measure on Earthern Ring (Toban was the first grand marshall there iirc). They moved to being a very much pvp orientated guild at one point as TB worked his way to GM and the attitude within the guild was awful, so I left and moved servers when the transfer appeared. On a different subject I dread to think what its going to be like in a couple of weeks - ready for the onslaught of female blood elf paladins?
  22. I think its to do with Christmas being a Christian celebration and therefore deemed to be offensive and policially incorrect to non-christians. oh, and Merry Christmas folks
  23. /me shambles into thread ow ma poor heid /me shambles back out again
  24. Personally I'm loving the new patch. Mind you thats probably because I've dusted off a hunter I had on Moonglade and have begun playing it again. However, ask me in a few months time and I'll probably be sick of it again though
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