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  1. I am a Shetlander who volunteered for service in the Royal Navy and loved most of it. I also worked on a Norwegian Oil Survey Vessel in 1971, I love Norway as a place, I know many Norwegians and always feel safe and at home in Norway, but, most of the Norwegians have never heard of Shetland and would never be able to tell you where they were. Having said that, neither did the English! So back to the point, the Royal Navy haven't got that many ships anymore and those that they have are out on duty, that's the way of the world today. When I joined up we had ships in Rosyth, Chatham, Portsmouth and Plymouth, subs went to Faslane. Each August Bank Holiday Weekend, we had "Navy Days" where every dockyard opened up for visitors to come and meet the Navy, and they came in their thousands. These days, Navy Days are held every year, but only at one dockyard, either Portsmouth or Plymouth and its shared with other activities. Simple reason, they havent got enough ships.
  2. Having served in the RN and being a Shetlander too, I agree with everything Scorre said about 300 matelots coming ashore, drinking, celebrating etc. You dont really need that. As a boy there were loads of RN ships calling in, I used to go onboard them when ever you were allowed to. In those days the RN had over 100 fighting ships at their disposal. These days there are probably around the 20/30 mark. So you could wait for years before one comes to Lerwick. The ships I served in did visit British ports, Lerwick included, but not often. Strangely enough the best trip for me was a round Britian trip for "meet the Navy" in the mid 1970's. No restictions on recruitment in those days. I now live very near an ex-naval dockyard and since HMS Chatham was done away with, we dont see any in Medway anymore either.
  3. Good God, finally, its going to open?????? Has an actual date been agreed?
  4. It is completely crazy but you find something similar with charity shops down here, you try giving them electrical goods or childrens toys, they tend to refuse. However, these days with the Environmental Law regarding waste, all efforts should be made to recycle, reuse or reduce before you dispose of anything, well surely, by putting usable items to one side complies with the idea of re-use and should be encouraged not stopped.
  5. It's not just Shetland where this sort of thing is happening, we all need to remember that its not doctors and nurses who make decisions on what goes and who stays, its managers who make that decision. It's unlikely that a service that is overloaded with bureaucracy and admin staff will ever look at themsleves. So god help the doctors, nurses and eventually us! PS: this was not a mandate for the prime minister to implement the changes he proposed, I cant see that working either.
  6. I love a bit of banter, but come on, Lerwick Up Helly Aa is the ONLY wan! Some of you less significant places have a peerie fire festival and yun's aboot aa
  7. I can only see this as good news for all concerned, a huge extention to the life of Sullom Voe and its employees. Which will generate income to our beloved homeland, what is bad about that? Plus if there is a spill; its on the West Side then Scalloway will cop it and not Lerwick, where's the problem there? Look for the good in every situation!
  8. Shetland life is what you make it, I dont believe that programmes shown on TV about "Island" life and de-population attracts the best Island Dwellers as newcombers, simply those who think everthing will be great, but not so, you have to work at it. As someone on here stated, you have to weigh up the good and bad in any place, not just Shetland. I do believe Shetalnd has more to offer in the positive than negative, I love going home for short breaks, I am in love with the idea of returning on a permanent basis, but I'm sure after a short while I would feel that its still a little too remote for me? BUT I LOVE GOING HOME! Is the Shetland Welcome for real? Of course it is, we may refer to you as Sooth Moothers, but its not a racist remark by any imagination, its just a geographical statement. I do feel annoyed at the amount of non-shetland speakers you hear on Da Street these days, but that's life. There are far more things to do in Shetland these days then there ever was, so what if its the same people at each event, at least you know their names! Cheers everybody!
  9. Religion in schools isn't a problem surely, so you lot don't believe, I wonder if you told your children there was a Santa Claus? Did that do them any harm? No real differnce is there? When I grew up in Lerwick, we had religious studies in school at least twice a week, Choir practice on Friday night, Church twice on Sunday, plus sunday school in between the church sessions, church cub pack on a Monday night. Sally Army youth club Tuesday's and Thursday's, never did me any harm. Give them religious education, let them decide if its truth, part truth or a good selling book that has loads of stories in it? Education committees and religious people, I suppose the law expects religious leaders to be good, upstanding members of society rather than those who are not? Funny really when you think of how many catholic priests have done some funny things with their choir boys? I hasten to add, my church was St. Magnus therefore not RC - phew!
  10. Well said Scoots, as an ex-Royal Navy man, I couldn't agree more!
  11. "A party election manifesto"; by the sounds of it, there are many similarities here. A load of waffle and very little substance. "A bit like joining the masons"; well I'm not sure that is true, you can find out all sorts of things about joining the masons on the web and what they are about. It seems strange however that you need to join this group before they will tell you anything? Da Street needs to be tackled and improved, after all if you come in da sooth mooth, it could be one of the first impressions you get of my homeland. Empty shops, charity shops, fast food take-a-ways, not a good start. I know its easy to critisize and some people don't like change, but something has to be done to SAVE it. I know the tourist season isn't the be all and end all, but it does help the economy, surely what ever is done should reflect a more traditional Shetland way of life, I remember what Da Street used to be like, now its a bit of a waste of time walking it. I dont know the answer, I wish I did, but something needs to happen. I still cant believe nothing is published regarding the potential changes? Bring back Peter Leaks sweetie shop and the chip shop while you are at it. Bring back Hepworths, TJ Mansons, JJ Henry's and all of the butcher shops and Kay's. Knock down the Tall Clock shopping centre!!
  12. I agree JA Stewart, one man/woman one vote is the only fair way for any election. Cant have a block vote like the Labour Party Conferences, would never do. All that would achieve is the same incompetents as you have now? I also like the idea of an apprentiship on a Parish Council prior to serving on the SIC. You might get a more professional person conducting business on our behalf, having spent time on a smaller scale and learning what its all about. After all, you are paying these people a salary plus expenses to represent us/you. Good luck with what ever happens.
  13. The General Belgrano was a warship, she had the capability of causing great damage to our fleet. She was a legitimate target, it also kept the Argy Navy safely in harbour during the whole conflict. Thatcher was the subject of the heading, I too hated the woman, but, she did do Britain some good turns standing up to the French and Germans etc. She gave me a 15% interest morgtgage rate, she gave me a longer weekend break from work as we were all on short time working and short pay. But, she did do good for Britain. I hate her!!
  14. Something has to be done to stop all of this "conflict of interest brigade" every time I read something on Shetland there seems to be a "similar" bunch of people all trying to get a fast buck from everybody else. If its not councillors doubling up on the Shetland Charitable Trust, or Viking Energy and perhaps both, its local bunsiness men doing another role as Lerwick Centre Developer. The whole system and its operations must be looked at and changed. Get different trustworthy people in the right places, you have a vote coming next year, I advise that you use it wisely. I might have to move back home and knock a few heads together!
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