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  1. Wonder if the rolling stirred up a lot of rubbish in the fuel tanks? Both the Hildasay and Helliar had this trouble when they came from a sheltered route to WNA
  2. Surprising large choice of nosh in da toon! 1 Weighbridge 2 Shetland Hotel 3 Grantfield 4 Skipidock 5 Olive Tree 6 New Chinese at card shop 7 Spice of India 8 Saffron 9 Magno 10 Mareel 11 Hays Dock (to be let) 12 Raba 13 Da Fort 14 Happy Haddock 15 Cest la Vie 16 Harbour Cafe 17 Peetie Shop 18 Havly 19 Dowry 20 String 21 Grand 22 Queens 23 Peerie Shop 24 Harbour Street Indian 25 Red Dragon or whatever they are now called 26 Great Wall 27 Faerdie Maet 28 Kveldrso 29 Unken Wagen 30 Fjara 31 Mainlands Burger Van 32 Kantersted Chinese? 33 Clickimin Centre 34 Harbour Fish and chip shop 35 Shetland Fudge Street shop 36 Islesburgh 37 Lerwick Hotel Probably some errors, omissions or spelling mistakes?!
  3. If George Robertson’s do not stock the model you are after, can they not get it in? I’ve seen on two occasions, getting something specific ordered and were always excellent on price, plus added peace of mind in case any proper back up is required. Everything is getting that complicated nowadays and seems to be made to discourage diy repairs.
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    Fuel Prices

    Interesting that Shetland is just a stop on the fuel tanker’s delivery route and that Lerwick does not have any berthing charges that should make the pump price higher. Distance from Scottish fuels to the main pumps in da toon is probably all under a mile. If you start phoning both Scottish Fuels and Highland Fuels other depots in the mainland (compared with Shetland) for both road fuel bulk prices and heating oil, a young pupil could figure out there is something not quite right. Seems the OFT maybe don’t want to look too hard. Tesco can bottle and transport and sell their 2 litre bottles of water for 17p, or 8.5p per litre, so why they need many times more than this to take up in a bulk ship- even after the government subsidies would need to be clarified.
  5. Has the student accommodation at NAFC caught the White House virus?
  6. Would assume Skibhoul would be able to advise on stockists if you called them?
  7. If LPA can bring up a few busses to help the liner trade, they can maybe give something to assist this. With new faces at the helm of each organisation, we can hopefully look forward to some more brain cells to get better value for the local economy than previously was the case: http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/4673-bridge-debacle-cost-sic-over-p72-million
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    Sea Scouts

    Is there no scope to share some of the facilites already at Hays Dock, Small Boat Harbour or Boating Club? Would think that buying a listed building sitting in the ebb when sea levels are rising is just going to be an ongoing liability for someone. Far too many groups, clubs, churches, halls, organisations, etc with underused buildings. If some of these groups got together and shared facilities, costs and maintenence, facilites would stand a better chance of surviving in the long run.
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    Think we need some extra runs of the ferries that are lying idle in port for half their time. As long as the freight boat can move time critical products at normal sailing times, the passenger sailing could be increased. The Norrona could come and go within the hour with much more passengers and vehcles, whilst Northlink passenger vessels lie alongside for half a day and have about half a week in spare capacity in the summer where weather conditions are reasonable. It's virtually impossible to make a return trip on the ferry now with car and cabin, when you want. With added Streamline freight and increased demand due to the introduction of road equivalent tarriffs taking effect, things are going to get a lot worse. Clearly significant scope exists to boost the Shetland economy with exisiting infrastructure?
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    Other areas seem to operate this type of thing profitably, would be good spin off to local businesses and facilities as well. Sad thing is, SIC or it’s trusts have little incentive to make profits or have a good track record as far as business goes. Could franchise it out for vacant periods if it was going to be worthwhile
  11. With three hostels in Lerwick sitting empty, could SIC look to generate some extra revenue by renting these out when not being used by students? Other areas appear to manage this. The cooncil are getting to have a large portfolio of empty buildings in da toon, might be good to try and use their brains to generate revenue instead of slapping the largest % rate rise on council tax again next year?
  12. If the track goes via the South road, will they be considering using the old road at the Hollanders Knowe which maybe could link onto the existing old road between Sandyloch and Staney Hill (going around the back of Sandy Loch?) or if the North Road, the old road between the Scord and Brig o Fitch. I can only assume with the high costs, none of these current tracks have been incorporated to enable costs to be kept down?
  13. The Final Checkout in Unst sell tuskars
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    After years avoiding them, due to not being as good as they once were, I would say the Waas ones are better than any I have ever eaten. The new owner certainly made huge improvements to all their wares and after his sad and untimely passing, the business seems to be maintaining the higher standards he set. Be good if someone could mak a rite sassermaet again as weel!
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