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  1. I wouldn't go superfast into the new Voucher Scheme just yet. More info regarding Broadband in Shetland as a whole is likely to be come available in the start of the new year. There are a few options floating about how best to use the voucher scheme, so that it benefits everyone not just those closest to the exchange, but nothing will happen until R100 data has been released come the start of next year.
  2. cant speak about the rest of your plans, but re the dog in the kennels. They would be a bit tight for a new Newfoundland but are manageable just, we brought up our Mastiff on the boat and thankfully the crew took pity on him and moved him into the Coffin room.. thankfully no other residents in the room at the time. but you might be lucky and get the same treatment.
  3. Defination of Speed hump and Speed cusions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_bump
  4. It turns out only a small part of it it falls under education. (i.e the now English block and the land down to Twageos) I am lead to believe that most of it is owned by SLAP and the rest is owned by the Council.
  5. Difference is Speed cushions have been put in not Speed humps which the government is not looking to remove
  6. "and slated to the ends degree"
  7. I believe there has been issues a few years back as who inherited it passed away before it was all finalised, but i did hear rumor it was possibly going on the market shortly
  8. To the contrary. the post office drivers i have spoken to recently are thinking it is great. they can now reverse into the post office without the fear of being rear ended.
  9. it is being rushed through as you put it because it is being funded by Sustrans not the council
  10. It has been reported that a Speed gun does not work on the esplanade due to line of sight restrictions, Traffic warden wouldn't be required if the Shop owners stopped themselves and there own staff from parking in the esplanade area and used the old swimming pool carpark instead for example. leaving the parking free for those who just want to pop to the street for a birthday card or similar....
  11. there is a guy in scalloway that breeds mice for his snakes, he quite often posts on facebook and the classifieds here selling them. if i mind i'll ask my partner as she is more likely to remember his name than me.
  12. Amenity trust are going to be working with planting in that area come spring.
  13. @ GR, Feel free to take up your concerns over what i said regarding the old dump with SEPA.
  14. I'm just curious as to where people think the round about should of been built? If it had been moved further south it would of blocked peoples private accesses and if it went any nearer the practice/rugby pitches the council would of had a huge bill for disposing material from the old dump. If it was moved even further south, you would of ended up with two new junctions on lochside rather than just one. One for the school and one for Hjatlands proposed 300 houses that's is to be built up the side of the hill. As for comments on visibility. Please feel free to write to the roads department with evidence that it does not meet design standards. In regard to crossing the road, I fail to see how this is any more dangerous to cross the road now than it was before, traffic will be slower plus pedestrians now have islands to use to aid them crossing the road. If anyone has any doubts on how traffic flows around the much debated north exit then feel free to check out Videos i posted up on my FB page which are open for all public to see. They show a Bus, Artic and even a push bike safely negotiating the roundabout without any hassle. Kind regards twerto
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