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  1. i would think the school closures would have an effect on house values aswell. We are looking for a croft to move to but the thought of my 4 kids boarding away from home at age 12 defeats the object of moving to shetland for a better life. theres no point being self-sufficient with food on a croft if the kids arent home to eat it, no point having a pony in their barn and a beach at the end of their garden if they are living at school 2 hrs away. we cant afford the lerwick prices for a place with land so its the outer areas or nothing for us. but at the end of the day family is the most important thing idea of school closures is a major hurdle, leaving me thinking Shetland may just have to wait for me until the kids have flown the nest, and then you are looking at an aged population moving to the outer areas instead of young families. how did shetland get affected by the recession? is this still an effect of the recession or different politics altogether?
  2. Hi I saw an article about the junior high schools closing on yell and Unst. does anyone know how likely this is to happen? I also saw that Whalsay junior high is closing. where would I find accurate info on the plans for this? many thanks http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/education/islanders-step-up-school-battle.23384415
  3. sorry, yes i will be getting sheds built if i can find a croft with them, i was meaning grazing wise.. is it ok for cattle there or is it sheep only country ?
  4. its only 3 adults, the rest are followers (for the freezer or for sale) what is the land like around Eshaness? is that more hospitable than the north isles? thanks
  5. has anyone experience of rebuilding a croft house (new build on owner occupied reg croft) on the site of an old croft house? are the council quite amenable to this or is it a lengthy red tape nightmare? i have tried numerous times to speak with SIC about this but they havent so far returned my call. hmm is it achievable on a budget or is it a financial blackhole? can anyone recommend a trustyworthy builder, please? many thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. you need retrospective planning for a flag in a wheelbarrow??
  7. iv spoken to animal health and as we are bvd and tb herd, it shouldnt be a problem, though the ferries said they might re-test them on the day they were travelling, though i didnt think that was an instant test so wasnt sure how that would help. my foundation cows were born on shetland so hopefully they havent softened up too much down here, ha. no, im not giving up the dream, iv had a firm offer on the house but cant accept it til iv found somewhere for us all to go. funnily, it was cheaper for 5 ponies, 6 goats and 7 cattle to travel to shetland than me and the kids with the car. there was a croft on unst with 65 acres for £100k, albeit sold, thats exactly the sort of place im looking for. i can wait. i remember my grandmas words, " whats worth having is worth waiting for"...
  8. i just thought id give you a comparision of mainland East scotland, this winter my cattle and ponies wintered outside(we have dense woodland for shelter) on 30 acre of rough grazing. it was unusually very very mild, hardly any rain. for 6 big ponies and 5 cattle and 2 young calves, we used 200kg cattle feed and 10 big bales of hay and 10 bales of straw. and 2 mineral buckets, 2 salt licks. there are now out on grass alone and wont be fed until november. usually we feed twice this amount but its been mild winter. thanks for the advice, we will keep looking for our croft.
  9. thankyou so much, that is very helpful. i see now the place we are considering isnt going to work. how many bales of silage would you get from an acre? about 5? really appreciate that info. are there many contractors who would cut and bale for you?
  10. sorry i never saw the pm. thats something to consider, thankyou i would have a very low stocking density, and just a small herd of 10 natives. we were considering orkney but there nothing suitable on the market atm and my house is sold so im considering anywhere. thanks again
  11. how reliable is the ferry between Unst and Yell during the winter, does it manage to do a return every single day or is it often cancelled due to storms? thanks
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