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  1. Du is right on Cameron’s but my point, which I obviously didn’t make clear, is that the SNP seems to claim much more then most who represent remote communities. I think at one point they were 9 out of the top 10 claiming expenses. other parties representing the same remote communities were much lower.
  2. It’s sad that this happens in Shetland or anywhere for that matter, but unfortunately we have our idiots too. someday, hopefully they will grow up and understand how unacceptable these type of comments are to non white and the majority of white people.
  3. And again you deflect, by looking to blame someone else for something. if you really believe you have nothing against the English, you maybe need to reflect on dozens of your previous post, which clearly suggest otherwise. plus can I remind you we are part of the U.K. Blackford is part of it, the SNP are part of it.
  4. I’m sure I read, not long ago, that Blackford and many SNP MPs claimed the highest expenses in Westminster. I’m surprised they want to jump off the gravy train. @george, you keep telling us to vote SNP or Alba, but I’m yet to here you give some good reasons why. Your clear hatred of everything English and Westminster seem to be blindfolding your reality of voting without knowing the possible consequences. IMHO of course.
  5. Hakama my experience on here is if you dare to question anything about the SNP, several will come at you, but if you ask them to clarify, provide information or justify etc, they rarely do, with a few exceptions. Where some are concerned, their modus operandi seems to be, to try and shut you up and rather than discuss the issue they will say, such and such is worse etc. They cannot see any wrong doing by anyone in the SNP. Luckily there are a few SNP supporters who will have a good discussion and I appreciate they have their views as I do. Of course they are wrong though
  6. I might be wrong, but I thought he did register £58k. However to be clear I think all politicians need to be more upfront regarding donations etc. I would assume there’s similar issues in all parties, have been for years and no doubt will be in future. As for the SNP we might never know as they tend to have someone taking minutes at meetings, then immediately destroy them.
  7. If you came home drunk, you’d never find da cooch
  8. Couldn’t agree more, muscular dystrophy is a great charity. Perhaps all the business people who donate to the SNP may consider giving to MD instead. Of course none of them would be expecting anything in return from the SNP.
  9. Yes, if I recall, you’ve brought that up a few times. The point is they all have many faults, but most of us can see that, certain Folk on here seem determined that the SNP must get in, regardless of the future effects independence might have on people and the economy. Blinkers tightly secured and smash forward without knowing the consequences. Nothing matters except independence. I agree with Hakama, “these people are deluded” IMHO of course.
  10. Why bother shredding anything, all he needs to do is say “I don’t recall, I don’t remember, not how I remember it etc” it kinda worked for Nicola Sturgeon. I would imagine that most voters are more concerned about how Scotland could cope financially if independent. Most reports are worrying reading, after all Boris will no doubt be out of the picture sooner rather than later. Strange how all the SNP folk on here remained very quiet when Sturgeon was under the spotlight, but out you come as soon as you can find someone else to berate. Me thinks it’s a bit of a ploy to take the story away from borders between Scotland/England, currency etc etc etc.
  11. https://youtu.be/VX5gfh4-RUM Scottish comedian Leo Kearse speaks sense.
  12. Despite it being their mandate the Scottish elections and independence are two completely different issues, which is why they require to be voted for as such. As I’ve already said I will respect any democratic vote as long as it is done within current laws. You’ve still not said if you would also accept an outcome which the majority voted to remain part of the union.
  13. That’s your take on it, I don’t think things as as straight forward, you didn’t mention if you would accept another vote if it was about remaining in the union. For clarity I would accept any outcome as long as it is carried out legally.
  14. See where your coming from, but it’s likely not that simple. Each side can put up their own arguments. Probably depends on what side of the fence you sit on. I voted to remain part of the Union, believed it was a once in a generation thing, I could argue that it’s undemocratic that this is raising its head so soon. Sturgeon argues the reason for another referendum is that the majority of Scotland voted to stay in the EU. So lets look that argument. Like all of Scotland, the 62% entered a vote that they knew was a U.K. wide vote and the decision rested with all U.K. voters. Now you could argue it’s undemocratic that the Scottish Gov won’t accept that decision. Let’s break that down a bit. 62% voted to remain in the EU therefore Sturgeon suggests the majority of Scotland is unhappy, well are they. I was one of the 62% who voted to remain, but I knew and accepted it was a U.K. vote and therefore accepted the outcome. I’m sure many more of the 62% will feel the same way. So I would doubt if the majority of Scotland didn’t accept democracy, regardless of how they voted. The next issue is that current polls suggest that 52% now want independence. We all know that polls can change overnight, we all know that when it comes to voting day, where folk are hopefully making a better judged decision things can change considerably. Sturgeon argues it would be democratic, whilst at the same time has refused to accept past votes that, in my opinion were democratic. It’s typical politics, but we can’t keep having referendums on a regular basis because we don’t like the outcome. To be honest I’m neither surprised at either Johnson or Sturgeon’s take on this. interestingly, if Sturgeon get her way but the outcome was the majority wished to remain in the union, will you see that as democratic and accept it. I’ll guarantee the SNP won’t.
  15. Having looked it up Davy P, your quite right. They can hold an advisory referendum, but without approval it wouldn’t really mean anything other than provide a result that could provide a stronger case one way or another. A binding referendum would require a section 30 or an amendment to the Scotland act 1998, both of which require to be granted by Westminster as the Scottish government cannot pass legislation on matters reserved to Westminster.
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