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  1. thats great. do you need to phone and tell them in advance you'll be taking a buggy and car seat or do you turn up on the day with it?
  2. Hi I'll be flying south for the first time with my baby and was wondering if there is a charge for taking a car seat and pushchair. Also, what do you do about taking on made up baby bottles? I've checked out British Airways website but cant see anything on this. Thanks
  3. hi thanks for your replies he's trying to fit it in with his work, girlfriends work and my boyfriends time off so he can only travel on certain days and times. i did look into flying from london bit i think because its such a short notice trip and he can only travel on certain days there was nothing that could fit in.
  4. Hi Trying to find out the best and cheapest way to get my dad from Manchester up here. He's looked into going to london and flying and that was going to cost a fortune on the dates he can travel. Then looked at the boat and it was going to be a 14 hr train journey to get to aberdeen then it would be all night on the boat and all the cheap cabins on the boat were sold out so he'd have to get an executive cabin. He's only planning on coming up for a few days so spending all that time travelling isn't really worth it for a long weekend. Is there any other way?
  5. Carron


    MissKerosene - Where about in Fife are you moving from? I'm moving from Burntisland. I'll let you know the best deal if find
  6. Carron


    Hi I'm moving from Fife and my street is an akward one way wee street so I'm not sure many removal lorries would fit up it. Got quotes from Streamline they said it would be a lot from Fife but if I could get the stuff to Aberdeen it would be £225 plus vat to take it the rest of the way. Just emailed Shetland Transport so I'll see what they say.
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out. What is the best way to get furniture from my flat down south up to Shetland. I have a 1 bedroom flat so its really just a few large items and a few boxes of things i'll be needing. I've called around a few removal places but the prices are mad so I'm no looking into getting a van and going down on the boat. I've got a few quotes but wondering if anyone has any other suggestions I've not thought of. My findings so far are: boat £192 return for a long base transit van and £130 for a van for 3 days hire, including insurance. I think this could be the best way so far
  8. Carron


    Forgot to say its £5.50 for delivery but if its big items they used Northwards to ship it up and they have different fees.
  9. Carron


    hi i've found the number its 01595 693 070 I placed my first order with them the other day. took about 6 days to get here. You can get an catalogue and an order form from the office - SBS Logistics, Holmsgarth Warehouse, Holmsgarth, Lerwick, ZE1 0TQ - next to the ferry terminal. It would be handy to email orders, if anyone knows if you can do that it would be good to know.
  10. Carron


    Hi Here's an email address for the argos office in Shetland. Elaine.Smith@petersonsbs.com I'm not to sure if you can place ordered by email but you'll be able to get their phone number and advice.
  11. Hi I'm not to sure how much it is in Shetland but I bought a flat last year in Fife. I think the total solicitor bill was around £600, never actually had to hand over that amount of money. it was all worked out in all our mortgage fees. I'd have to look out the paperwork to get the exact figure. All I done was call around all the local solicitors to find out what their fees were. They were all pretty similar in the area. Everything was done over the phone or email and I never actually met my solicitor till the week of the move. it sounds like its different up here I didn't have to pay anything till the day of the move when everything was signed. There was just the one fee and that covered everything. so I could put as many offer in or notes of interest. Down south they didn't advise you to get a survey done on the property until the property had gone to a closing date and you had placed the highest offer.
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