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  1. you could get long thin spiky blades on each wheel like in the film grease to cut through their tyres so they dont mess with you again or you could get a blue light like in the american cop films and when things like this happen you could whip it on your roof and pretend to be the law and go neeeee naw neeee naw neeee naw neeee naw or you could get a flying car like chitty chitty bang bang and take to the skies with a self satisfactory grin on your chops or you could just get the bus home and stop moaning !
  2. Hello to all,is there any body out there that is any good at Mariokart double dash on the nintendo gamecube ? Sadly enough i had 3 months off work and all i did was sit and play this game however i have gotten so good at it and learned all the short cuts that not even the console is a challenge any more,i wanna know if there is anybody that wants a challenge as i think i have gotten that good at it that i can beat anybody with ease and would even wage money on it,i know its really stupid and childish at 42 years of age but who cares life is about laughing and being little and enjoying yourself not running yourself into the ground anyway if anyone thinks they are any good at it and want a go at beating the all time champ then let me know over 18's only ! before anyone says it i'll save ya the trouble "grow up,get a job,lazy bum all that old crap" heheheheeheheheheheheheeheheheheheheee !
  3. .... if only to teach punctuation and grammar. ah bless ya heart,my spanish is good as well so mucho thankio !
  4. Why do the shetland islands council go out of their way to spend all our money on utter crap and make people miserable ? they seem to want to just run places like north roe and the skerries and whalsay into the ground they dont care one bit about people they just seem to want to spend all the money on things that either dont need doing or building things that dont need building totally wasting money,they waste all our money and then have the cheek to plead poverty,if they spent money on things that have a meaning or priority then they would have money lots of money spare in the kitty. After blowing all our money on utter crap they then shut schools because they say they have no money to run them or they blow loads of cash on fuel running ferry's when they could build bridges or tunnels and save lots of money in the long run but i guess that this would all be to simple for a simple minded council who seem to deliberately go out of their way to make life hard for shetlanders,i can honestly say that i have never experienced such a group of badly organised idiots as the S.I.C they are living in a fairy world and are very narrow minded and stupid,oooh and they are very spineless and tell big fat lies to people,i think that if they are going to shut some of the primary schools then they should move over and let the kids take over the council as then we might get a fair roll of the dice and things might run more efficiently Absolute turd is my opinion of the S.I.C
  5. if the cost of a tunnel from ulsta to toft was only £1 would the shetland islands council build it ? i think not,i think that they would spend hundreds of thousands of pounds discussing it over a very long time with lots of cups of tea and dunkies then they would convince themselves that the £1 really meant £10,000000 (which is still a lot cheaper than a new ferry and maintaining it) and then they would decide to spend our money on an old un-seaworthy piece of old crap and piss everybody off by running it badly, spend millions on re-fits and fuel costs,stop the crossings in bad weather and pretend its in all our best interests tell us many many lies about how its really cost effective and then when the whalsay ferry breaks down (despite it having only had a £4,000000 re-fit a month ago) lend our piece of crap to them because the residents of whalsay are clearly more important than us ! IS IT JUST ME ? bridges and tunnels would be so much easier but the stubborn narrow minded shetland islands councilors know best dont they its clearly cheaper to spend £30 million on a new boat and then £5 million per year to run the bloody thing than to spend £20 odd million on a fixed structure and have done with it,i dont know why they sit and discuss things when they know perfectly well in advance what they are going to do its becoming a bit of a joke now but i guess we should bare with them as they know not what they do,i guess it would be a start if they got somebody in who could actually count,add up and subtract without the need of an abacus ! the other day i was offered a car for £10 it was taxed and m.o.t'd and only a year old with only 1,000 miles on the clock,the guy i was buying it from said if you buy this i will tax it and m.o.t it every year for you free of charge,i will also provide you with unlimited free fuel,all this for 10 quid ! i said well have you got anything else and he said yes i have a rusty piece of old crap over there it dont run its completely illegal,leaks fuel,and sometimes i may need it back for a long period of time,yours for £5,000,done i said ill take it ! I then ran my application for finance director down to the S.I.C with the explicit instructions that should i get the position i do not need a company vehicle ! My point is that there are a lot of ignorant people on shetland that think a bridge or a tunnel would cost too much money,the fact is that a tunnel or a bridge would cost a lot less than either despite what the council tell us,i have worked on the channel tunnel and of late in the faroe islands projects and i know for a fact that a tunnel would firstly be much more cost effective both in the short term and the long term and i have seen the changes it has made to island life for the better,in both property prices on islands now connected rising and for working people getting about,so before anyone reply's with sarcasm or nastyness or tells me as some of you have that i am talking from my behind, know your facts ! please click the following link to see for yourselves http://www.faroeislands.fo/Default.aspx?ID=12314
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