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  1. I do not like Ryan Air, but they have teamed up with the airline from Norway This could help some of us looking to travel!!! https://aviationvoice.com/budget-airline-ryanair-to-launch-flights-to-new-york-201703170935/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=see_what_happened_in_the_aviation_world_in_march&utm_term=2017-04-03
  2. Is Shetland Island Council looking after us? Can Shetland get a better link with other Transport operators? Are we stuck with Loganair? Norwegian Air has now opened the sale for its Boeing 737 MAX transatlantic service at an introductory sale of $65 one-way, including taxes. This summer, the airline expects to launch 10 new routes from Stewart International Airport, north of New York City; T.F. Green Airport in Providence, RI; and Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT, to Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The new routes of the long-haul low-cost European carrier from Providence to Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh and Shannon are the first-ever year-round European routes for Rhode Island’s largest airport. From Stewart, New York’s Hudson Valley airport, Norwegian will be the first carrier to provide European service with four routes to Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh and Shannon. Norwegian will also operate one route from Bradley, New England’s second largest airport, to Edinburgh. Year-round service to Edinburgh from Stewart International Airport will operate daily beginning June 15 for the summer season and thrice weekly during the winter season; from Providence, flights will operate four times a week starting June 16 and twice weekly during the winter season; from Hartford, flights will operate thrice weekly beginning June 17, and twice weekly during the winter season. Days of operations will change between summer 2017 and winter season 2017/2018. Service to Belfast from Stewart International Airport will be thrice weekly during summer and twice weekly during winter as of July 1; twice weekly from Providence as of July 2 during summer. Days of operations will change between summer 2017 and winter season 2017/2018. Read also: airBaltic to Recruit Crew in EstoniaService to Dublin from Stewart International Airport begins on July 1 with daily flights during the summer and thrice weekly during the winter seasons; and from Providence, flights will operate five weekly flights starting July 2 during the summer and thrice weekly during winter. Days of operations from Providence will change between summer 2017 and winter season 2017/2018. Service to Shannon from Stewart International Airport will begin on July 2 with twice-weekly flights, and from Providence on July 3 with twice-weekly flights. Days of operations will change between summer 2017 and winter season 2017/2018. Year-round service to Cork from Providence will start on July 1 with three weekly flights during summer and a twice-weekly service during winter season. Days of operations will change between summer 2017 and winter season 2017/2018. Summer season ends on October 28, and winter season 2017/2018 commences October 29. “Our new, non-stop service will enable tens of thousands of new travelers to fly between the continents much more comfortably and affordably,” Bjørn Kjos, CEO and Founder of Norwegian, said in a statement. According to Norwegian, these new transatlantic routes will be operated by the carrier’s Irish subsidiary, Norwegian Air International, and will predominantly use US-based crew from two new bases at T.F. Green and Stewart airports. Norwegian will also employ a crew from the new Edinburgh base in the UK.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-39150388 1 Lump or 2?
  4. Is the Salmon Industry in Shetland Islands producing and focusing on what the market really wants? I note what Tesco is experiencing in this article http://www.foodmanufacture.co.uk/Ingredients/Tesco-organic-food-sales-rise-15/?utm_source=Newsletter_Subject&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%2BSubject&c=WipRbenec69QGt2DXUzv2jroNpl6Bln0 For me I want Shetland Islands to be famous for producing the best food.
  5. Ouch !!!! FLY BE ACCIDENT CRASH https://aviationvoice.com/watch-flybe-dash8-crash-lands-at-amsterdam-schiphol-201702232220/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=breaking_news_watch_flybe_dash8_crash_landing_at_amsterdam_schiphol&utm_term=2017-02-23
  6. I heard on the Radio this morning, that when they asked 2000 Americans 1800 questions, with complete anonymity . The stats showed that 91% of us are Liars. They found Catholics lied more than Protestants, and Protestants lied more than Jews. Is Carmichael American? Does Donald Trump want Carmichael? Buy one get one free come to mind. Carmichael, Calamity, Trump..... God help us
  7. If I told you a lie, what would you call me ? Calamity said he had put mines around Forvik, this has been proved incorrect. What do you call someone who says he has done something, when he has not done anything? Calamity said he would pay the debts he owed to the printers,(Shetland Independent News) (aprox £13000) this he has not done according to the printers. If I say I am going to pay a debt, and I do not, what would you call me? Calamity has taken money off all sorts of people for Forvik Passports/Visas/membership, to me this is a form of .............. You decide, I am not a legal expert. You tell me? Calamity original protest was against MP's who he considered are Liars and Thieves. In fairness he did get this correct as shortly after many MP's had been exposed for the corruption of an expenses scandal. Is Calamity any better than the MP's? I do hope Calamity does stand for election , would Carmichael step down at the thought of getting less votes than Calamity? Any Shetland candidate up for election as an Independent party for Shetland Independence? Or do we leave it for Calamity?
  8. What can Calamity do for the good people of Shetland? Should he stand for election and take on Carmichael? Calamity V Carmichael? What a choice?
  9. Ok so the Captain has had his day in a Scottish Court. Now paying £5 a month, this must have been agreed by the Captain, so that means the Captain is accepting the courts authority? Any appeals to a higher court?
  10. http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-01-30-researchers-have-known-for-decades-that-cannabis-kills-cancer-cells.html Anyone have any views on the above link?
  11. Mistake to post it twice Trouble with forums, it is all light and fluffy stuff, when asked to look into some deeper thinking and questioning. Many just can not do it or be ass--. I just responded to some who think they know all about Islam. Just found out Councils and Private Landlords now have a legal responsibility's to make sure Tenants are good responsible people to the neighbours. Affordable housing needs eco homes that are cheap to run and keep warm with modern technology. By the way the Big houses in Skerries are not affordable for family,s if no jobs on the Island, plus the School is now mothballed, thanks in the main to SIC. Shame on you Dr Wills and all the other sheep.
  12. I share with you short video clips that are of interest, as many people outside of Shetland are having a hard time with affordable housing and having good neighbours. Shetland is a unique place in the world, and somewhat to be cherished Some in Shetland want to keep things the same. Plenty of groups in the UK and the rest of the world want us to change to their way of life. Based on your comments you wish to remain ignorant of the Islam and Roman Catholic connection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChNz-i3UYxQ
  13. Good work Jak Watt. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/13219-six-year-old-jak-s-10-mile-cancer-charity-walk
  14. Scorrie I doubt if you have the time or interest, or a good enough internet connection But here is a balanced video on Roman Catholic connection and Islam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChNz-i3UYxQ If you do watch it all, then appreciate your feedback. Mohammed had affordable housing through his first and filthy rich wife who was a Catholic Nun. Perhaps this is the way to get affordable housing marrying an older woman.!!
  15. While I accept that Catholicism was instrumental in the start of Islam, and all religions that encourage hatred are wrong to do so. Affordable housing is a basic start to loving our neighbour. What happens when we do create affordable housing, and they then become nightmare neighbours? One of the hardest things in the world is to love your neighbour?(when they are being an ---)I guess that is why Jesus ended up on a cross as it was too much to ask? What are the solutions to affordable housing and good neighbours?
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