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  1. I'll remember that then the next time my dog is bitten multiple times by a labrador - with all due respect, Pleepsie, it doesn't matter what breed a dog is, if the temperament is such, it will bite and continue to bite. I've met rotweilers, staffies, dobies and so forth that have been the most placid creatures going yet some absolutely horrendous labradors, poodles, poms, etc. Yes, it is the careless ones that cause fear and distress. However, I can't help but wonder why the OP remained on the beach or even went on the beach if they saw that there were two dogs off the lead - I won't venture onto a beach with my dog if there are dogs already there off the lead. The OP doesn't state that the dogs attacked her dog, how much they had socialised their yorkshire terrier, etc. Don't get me wrong, having had one of my dogs previously attacked viciously by a labrador, I do sympathise re dogs off the lead (and wish more were on the lead) but as responsible dog owners, if we have a nervous dog then we owe it to them to do all we can to alleviate the fear of dogs being frightened of other dogs, and many a time that involves overcoming our own fears and socialising our dogs with other dogs. Seriously?? Im sorry I dont have Xray vision of what's round a corner! My dog is not a nervous dog by nature she is super friendly and a little childs best friend and plays daily with 2 large breed dogs. Its when a huge uncontrollable dog runs over it understandably became very scared can you imagine the size ratio of something that big wanting a pop at you. No it didnt attack my dog, if it had there would of been hell to pay for I swear. The owner managed to run over and grab it BEFORE something happened its hackles were up and it was barking. I should not have to put up with that. To the owner of the German Shepard, I'm sorry but I dont agree that its acceptable that you allow your dog to run up to stangers barking off the lead ( sorry if I read that wrong?) Regardless of the breed thats unfair on people. I know that would scare my child and my dog and quite frankly me to.Really if your going to have a dog that needs plenty of exercise that really is your problem to solve without every other joe bloggs having to meet your dog to? Everyone says their dog wont bite anyone, How many times do we read in the paper that the owners of a dog who mauled " they never have done that before?" My old dog before he passed away was a larger breed dog, who would bark at strangers.. I would never of dreamt of having him off the lead in public for that very reason. My dog has plenty of socialising daily with 2 large dogs, I dont want or need every tom dick or harrys dog approaching us when were trying to have a nice walk out.
  2. Had my first Tesco delivery, very pleased. A real lifeline and Im so glad it has started ! I cannot afford to shop locally to feed the family, and traipsing to Lerwick usually just for tescos is a day out, let alone my fuel costs. My delivery cost me £1 charge I still buy my meat locally, nothing will ever change that !
  3. Taking advantage of the lovely weather, we decided to go for a drive out to the beach with the dog. My dog is very small, yorkshire terrier size and I do worry about other dogs attacking him... well walking along I spotted a couple of women with 2 large dogs, of the lead and running about. The next thing I knew they were shouting at the dogs to come back, one did, the other ignored and ran over over, I had to put myself inbetween the dogs. My little dog was screaming in terror, and then 2yr old toddler was also then screaming in terror. Luckily the owner had managed to run up by this point and grabbed the dogs collar. Granted the lady apologised to me, but that's beside the point. Why oh why if you cant control your dog, keep it on a lead and DO NOT have it running about in public. Thank you to whoever you are for spoiling our day out. My dog is always on a lead in public places, but to be perfectly honest I very rarely go out somewhere with him now for fear of what happened in this incident. There really are some selfish and irresponsible owners out there.
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