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  1. Judging by the reaction it would not be feasible for me to start an AI business up here
  2. Not heard of any but I would be interested in doing it
  3. Just wondering if there is someone in Shetland who performs AI? If not why not? And would it be something anyone would consider? Having AI'd cows for a number of years I can see the benefit of a far greater gene pool and therefore better stock. Setting up would come at an expense and therefore need to know if anybody would be interested in it. Please ask questions if you are interested or not.
  4. Ferry service for north isles is a joke today yes it's windy but can't get off north isles to get to slmg final sale of the year I am disappointed to say the least. It's another reason fixed links need to be brought into play ASAP so the isles as a whole can get into the 21st century so everyday people can get about and do there work.
  5. Pressure needs to be put on sic for fixed links to all the isles but most local councils are run by ferry men who vote to protect there jobs unfortunately they Carnot see beyond there next pay cheque. Fixed links would open up the isles repopulate them and bring investors to them the term can't see wood for trees come to mind.
  6. Agree bring the north isles into the 21st century with tunnels so people can commute to Lerwick for work and not be ferry dependent
  7. Hi we brought up several coops with us. They are very strong and may have a spare you could purchase. PM for details
  8. Hi Having used 12 volt and mains electric for the last 30 years in England I can say that the pulse should be the same distance apart and depending on the machine make should have different speed setting. (Fast, slow and possibly night economy) also ensure your earth is suitably rated for the machine in question. I also have a fault finder for the fence to find out if there is a break in the wire. If you require further assistance please PM and I will try to help/advise
  9. It all seams underhand and the public need to ask questions and bring any wrong doing to the surface. councilors seem to forget we voted them in so we can vote them out they need to be whiter than white!
  10. As far as I understand there were going to be no tolls all they wanted was the subsidy at its present level from the scottish government for a number of years to cover there cost. So it wouldn't cost anything in real terms as the government is giving the council a hand out anyway.
  11. We all need to apply pressure to the council for fixed links. This would bring investment to the isles and repopulation would result and therefor the council would benefit in the long run. I can't understand why they can't see it or is there another reason?
  12. Great comment shetland2016 so if sic get there fingers out fixed links wouldn't really cost them anything it would cost the scottish government what they put into operating the ferries now for a few years. So what the hell are we waiting for?
  13. As I understand from the Norwegian contractors the tunnels would have been financed via there banks no pot of gold needed all they wanted was the ferry payment each year for I believe 5 years to cover the cost and then hand it back to Shetland. Going back to ghost rider statement "is it not more complicated than that" well it can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it!!!
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