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  1. they haven't kept it quiet as it's in this weeks Shetland Times. I am quite at a loss to understand how they are fulfilling their remit with so many paid staff and very very few placements for clients........
  2. not been here for a long while - is there any investigation underway regarding some of the comments I have seen on here ? There is so much public money being granted to COPE under apparently/ allegedly false pretences. OSCR must have been informed and are therefore duty bound to investigate genuine concerns.
  3. How do you go about getting clarity on how many work placements COPE has and how many have been created since the extra funding was allocated ?
  4. I take your point re volunteering however most of the folk' working or training' at Cope consider they are working. I am not aware of anyone who is in receipt of a charitable donation weekly moving on to a paid work placement so have always thought it was disappointing as some were actively seeking this and had the capabilities to progress.
  5. I have struggled for years to understand why some people working/ volunteering full-time only received a charitable donation which used to be £20 or so per WEEK. I feel that this demonstrates poor business practice and does not reflect the commitment given by their volunteer workforce.
  6. Maddrim Media group and also Clint Watt , Scalloway. Check with Shetland Arts Development Agency for contact details.
  7. is the double decker bus / cafe still in Unst ? I saw it once on a trip North but unfortunately it was not open.
  8. From a value for money point of view - Da Marts nails it hands down
  9. Yes - I think there was a few weeks gap until the new owners got the place the way they wanted. Have a look on facebook https://www.facebook.com/NewHavlyCafe?fref=ts
  10. We've been at the Cafe at Da Marts and was well impressed with the choice, quality and price. We've also been at the New Havly Cafe and there is quite a range of food plus amazing homebakes. Spoilt for choice really
  11. I hear that Shetland Physiotherapy have got the contract to carry out face to face assessment for the new DWP benefit - personal independence payment. I'm sure they will get rigorous training to bring them above the standard set by Atos Healthcare.
  12. big huge ????- am finding your posts both boring and utter garbage. You have not a clue to the reality of the situation for both sick and disabled folk in shetland. think you are needing an insirational moment or something .....
  13. Why are you lying? The crash was caused by the banks. Not the labour party. Are you really so completely devoid of evidence to support your ideological war on the poor that you have to resort to lying? Pathetic! The crash was global, not limited to the UK. Oh, and how is quoting Ed Balls any different to quoting the tory party website? A hypocrite as well as a liar. Well said sir
  14. Government have now said that consultation, to be launched in late June, follows 'significant feedback' from disabled people and their organisations. Now there is a surprise The obscene amount of money being thrown at Atos / Capita for assessments etc is disgraceful. The accuracy of these assessments are very poor.
  15. I suspect that daveh is not in touch with the reality of how the welfare reforms are hurting honest disabled and /or sick folk in Shetland. The Lib/Con politicians have put so much spin on everything they do. They leak 'stats' about benefit fraud etc which has been proved to be untrue. The media has to take responsibility for spouting the politicians drivel....... The 'ignorant' believe 41% of welfare budget goes on the unemployed. FACT -the actual figure is 3% The 'ignorant' believe that 27% of the welfare budget is claimed fraudulently. FACT – the actual figure from Department of Work & Pension is 0.7% The 'ignorant' believe 48% of those claiming Job Seekers allowance have been on the benefit for more than a year. FACT – 27.8% The 'ignorant' believe that an unemployed couple with two children get £147 weekly. FACT the actual amount is £111.45
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