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  1. come on dave enuffs e nuff get on with the gardening
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but have just seen a black and white cat dead on the side of the road at the Lerwick end of Black Gaet
  3. tom thumb


    untill the dairy sorts the problem with leaking milk i always tighten the top and have never had any problems i have also "herd" that they will be bring out soon 1lt skimmed
  4. just passed sound service station and i thought i saw diesel was £1.91 litre please tell me i was dreaming
  5. is there nowhere on the mainland that could be used as half of the day is getting to and from unst,
  6. Tried buying some chocs locally but couldn't find any, are Foords still going?
  7. quarff garage is the name you can miss it, its on the main south road on the left heading south
  8. I don't know where else they go but it looks like Cunningsburgh every Thursday
  9. Saw a mobile chippy in the Cunningsburgh Shop yesterday anyone know if it's any good?
  10. Maybe they did not want to vist on a day that was busy with shoppers ? busy with shoppers!!!! that gave me a laugh . now what was that song by the specials oh yes ghost town any other song titles spring to mind
  11. when I used them last year, the goods came up through Streamline
  12. I needed a new battery for my camera, thinking the cost would not be to great i didnt bother to look on line so went to the a shop in the town that sells cameras and bought the one i needed £19.99 good make no rubbish, this was a couple of weeks ago and battery working fine, now you may think whats the problem, well the problem is i have just looked at the same make and model on line and the cost is £7.99 +£1.50 p+p = £9.49 no wonder the town shops are closing down
  13. totaly agree lights are a must, but not on full beam when you are behind someone shining full blast in all their mirrors. whilst we are on the subject of drivers, mini roundabouts, why when they are going straight on do some drivers put their flashers on telling me they are turning right ie co-op roundabout when i am driving from town, they are not turn right as in going round the roundabout they are going straight on, this happens at most of the roundabouts up here. coming from swindon known as the capital of mini roundabouts i think i know what i am talking about, google swindon magic roundabout if you disbelive, if you drove like this down there you would not last long road rage or a crash ( you being at fault) would happen within hours. rant over feel free to dissagree
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