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  1. The stuff at LBC is great, did you ask for a discount? i did and got a cracking deal and some free underlay thrown in aswell!! the 7mm range is obviously the cheapest but still has a 10-15 year warranty if being laid in a domestic setting. i got some from williamsons 1st and it was so crap the joints would not go together, got my money back and headed to LBC , looked at the quick step at buildbase too but got rubbish customer service. go back and haggle, cheers & good luck
  2. who mentioned cheese????? but i would reckon there is already 50 types on sale!! i regularly visit the danestone tesco in aberdeen, and always see things on sale that are not available here, more than likely due to the lack of space which is of course being rectified. hopefully this will mean tesco take up new products and varieties of goods etc to entice our taste buds. perhaps tesco could also give the staff in the co-op in lerwick a lesson in how to use facial muscles to smile occaisonally as they must be the most miserable lot i have ever seen and as the saying goes a little courtesy costs nothing
  3. it is my understanding that the ranges of food, veg & fruit are all going to be expanded, but i guess they will have to things gradually so as not to effect the operation of the store, perhaps doing it on the nightshift. so all i can say is watch this space. more choice can only be a good thing,even better if it saves you a pound or two in to the bargain
  4. If the town centre gang are so worried about lost trade etc why dont they all open on Sundays and Wednesday's when there's liners in its an emberesment being a Shetlanders having tourists asking why are these shops shut on Wed...Maybe they should realise its 2010 and competition is the name off the game these days they could cut there prices and maybe give us people who have been ripped off in years by them a small bargain for a change..(Whats going to be next with the town centre crooks ban online shopping)...?? stop pleepsin and moaning LCTA i agree with the above statement by a previous poster, and also add that perhaps they(LTCA) should have a look in streamline,northwards,jbt and shetland transport warehouses just to see how much goods of the same type they sell ( at higher prices) comes in the south mouth on a daily/weekly basis! and quite right too, for far too long we have been held to ransom by local retailers, an example was the tv i wanted to buy, £1200 in lerwick, £1000 in aberdeen and £ 750 from play.com so you can guess who got the order. i am also glad tesco are coming with other lines, especially clothes, i have a young daughter and as parents will testify they grow out of clothes so quickly and if i can buy 5 tops for under £10 at tesco instead of 1 top on da street for the same, it makes sense dont you think? and also in these uncertain economic times it good to be able to make your pound strech further. In fact since she was born 3 yrs ago we have not bought anything up here clothing wise for her, instead stocking up at primark,tesco,asda and matalan. good luck tesco, see you soon (unless LCTA muck it up for everyone)
  5. unlinkedstudent, you sound like you have a horror story to tell or maybe you are just a disgruntled ex employee???? go on share it with us
  6. i made a polite enquiry as suggested and indeed my parcel was being loaded with delivery promised (wednesday) hoorah well done Streamline
  7. i was just wondering what the general opinion is of the above company and its parcel delivery service on shetland, i have had stuff on order and its meant to be delivered by them but as yet it has not turned up? am i just not being patient enough?? thoughts please cheers
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