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  1. Yes it was muted a few years ago but there wasn't much interest so just looking again. We have public liability insurance for the premises anyway and extending the use to include fitness as well as football is no problem they tell me. Also the building is insured so contents would need to be added as well for equipment but that doesn't sound insurmountable. I thought we could do same as other small gyms for security and install a coded lock, changing the code monthly or so and informing paid members, who then sign in and out so we know who been there etc. Obviously there would be a degree of trust/honesty with this system that we would hope wouldn't be abused. I also thought that guests could attend if they were with a paid and inducted member and just put a few pounds in an honesty box for their visit, so that people could see what it was about before joining. But as you say some costs would increase, so it all depends on numbers interested. I think we could get a nice peerie fitness gym without 20 mile round trip to Lerwick in the winter. It would be basic stuff, no heavy weights for powerlifting but appeal to the general keepfit person.
  2. Cunningsburgh FC AGM was tonight and was desperatly poorly attended once again. We still need a secretary! The idea was discussed to see if there was interest in having a small gym in the changing rooms during the winter months. September to March ish. If there was interest we could look at putting a treadmill, bike and rowing machine in one changing room and perhaps weights, punch bag etc in other room. A small changing room and shower would still be available. It would be quite low cost maybe £10 per month or something and might save people travel to Lerwick. Really need to know if many people are interested before buying equipment etc. Id think we'd need 20 members or so to get going. Then we might get more help running the joint! Please discuss, try and be helpful lol.
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