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  1. Of course people swear, people swear all the time, the choice is when. When I grew up few people swore, it was a kind of growing bridge when someone in your class did swear and they usually felt guilty afterward, that guilt soon disappears as you grow. Women did not swear, they knew the words of course, as everyone does, but for a women to swear immediately pt themselves in an invidious position, others would look sideways and distance themselves from someone who at that moment was considered common. Swearing was not a natural thing, it has become so! It began to be public with comedians, notably some very talented black American comedians who managed to get 'MTF' into almost every sentence. It soon spread across the Atlantic and comedians here added swear words to their on-stage act, sometimes just because they imagined that if they didn't swear they would not be taken seriously. Yesteryear comedians managed to entertain without expressive sexual language, they used others ways, a walk, a look and other words, just remember how well the Carry On films were. In its place, a swear word is quite natural, but written down in a forum an advert or to just try and shock NO, we all know the words, we have all used them in different situations, but in every sentence, NO, be more inventive, the American writers were, 'Gosh Darned' 'Them Damned Redskins sure Horn swaddled us'
  2. The English language is so rich in its variety of words why do you find it necessary to use swear words? Are they supposed to shock? little chance of that, as someone has pointed out Scotland and many of its people do routinely swear and it no longer shocks, it just saddens me that they feel it necessary to use swear words rather than the many others that could be used. Even Jonathan Ross has cut down his usage!
  3. I have items on 'Shetads' for some considerable time, some have sold others are still there, I have not had to pay any fees; seems a great way to me, why not give it a try! (**mod edit ** - if you want commercial advertising contact admin at shetlink.com - removed linkback )
  4. Such a good idea and no silly extras, just not enough buyers, although if we all used it as a dedicated 'buy and sell' page, who knows. (** mod edit ** removed linkback)
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