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  1. Can anyone tell me why the people of Unst are so miserable and unfriendly? Is it because they don't have a lot of social interaction ? Is it something in the water? Do they not like other people? Or are they just miserable and unfriendly for the sake of it. Btw I'm not running them down as I'm sure there must be at least one person in Unst who smiles and I must have missed them. It's a genuine question so please don't take offense.
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied. It is very much appreciated and very helpful! Thank you!
  3. Jeez!! That's where it happened to us. I don't know you and have never heard any stories about this road yet the same thing happened to us. That's quite amazing, don't you think? I'm lost for words. I wonder if you did experiments there what would turn up.
  4. Hi The road on Yell is through the part where the school and leisure centre is. Go up towards the shop, go past it for quarter mile and its there. Single track road. 3 of us saw a van disappear through the road. I pulled in to let him past and he disappeared in front of us. Sounds crazy but we all saw it. We all saw the same colour of paint the van was. Silver. The one in Gott was an older person crashed his car in the winter and decided to walk across the fields and died. I saw him standing at the quarry. His description was verified by people I worked with.
  5. Hi,I've been here a while but always interested in ghosts, haunted places etc; there's also a ghost in Gott, near the quarry. That's a good story too. Write a book?? Spooky Shetland. Just keep asking people I'm sure you'll find more.
  6. Hi You have to visit the Windhouse in Yell. I visited it recently and have a really good weird photo from there. Quite unexplainable. There's also a haunted bit of road in Yell too. That is a must see. Wherever you go always ask the older locals as your more likely to get better information on where may be haunted. Good hunting!
  7. Hi Can anyone suggest any screenwriting software to use that's easy and not too expensive to use for writing a film script for first time writer. Thanks for reading.
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me anything about the Windhouse Coat of Arms which is on the front of the house. There's a Dolphin and what seems to be a helmet from a suit of armour but actually looks like an eyeless head with a smiling mouth with rows of teeth. Would this be the 'monster' from one of the ghost stories which was killed by a sailor with an axe/ sword. Any information would be of great interest. Thank you.
  9. Have a look on Pinterest for tiny homes. You could also build one on a trailer. With a multi fuel burner and solar panels your half way there. And you don't need anyone else to be interested. Just do it yourself. Rent a bit of land. Buy a bit. Most people up here will tell you ten ways it can't be done so you have to find the one way it can. Positivity ! Make a plan. 1. Find land 2. Build a tiny home Etc Etc Etc. Good luck!
  10. Does anyone know of any film groups,film makers, scriptwriters, or anyone making films in Shetland. Not just Documentaries but original stories. I would like to get involved in short films over the summer. I have some experience of filming on various tv productions. Thanks.
  11. Is there anywhere open on a Sunday you can get a haircut ,in Lerwick or nearby?
  12. There is only one solution to all your moaning. GET THE BUS !! No seriously! Take the bus! All of you. Including the copper! Or buy a motorbike. Sorted!
  13. There's a bulb out in my kitchen. My neighbour's are furious !! They are threatening to have a " squad " car sit outside my house and wait on me coming home. It's amazing what annoys people these days. Mind your own business and get a life,please. That is all I have to say on this trivial and very boring matter. ( now where do I keep my spare bulbs ?)
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