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  1. Human eye is not bad at picking up green ones, but red ones are far enough along the spectrum that, even when only faintly visible with the eye when present, can appear astonishingly saturated on a camera. Point most often missed with aurora is that the pale green arc that is more often present is just a hint toward the brief spectacular displays. They may not come, but when they do they are incredible. Five minutes later, faint green glow... Photographers use long exposures to capture even the faint ones. Brighter displays are, logically, shorter exposures. Some increase saturation after loading them into the computer, and this is another one of the things that can cause a false expectation from folk about what the aurora will look like, or did look like.
  2. Yeah, because Strathclyde is crawling with fishermen, salmon farmers, smallholders and oil workers. I care not for what the Lord's motivation is, if it is useful to 'Shetlands greater good. I also don't think the Sinclair Earls per se attract the same level of disdain as you are identifying, perhaps through the succession. I certainly doubt, however, that any Lairds of similar authority would get a toe-hold in a modern Shetland.
  3. Saw you there right enough Infiltrator...thread merged.
  4. Puts Shetland back in an enviable bargaining position, it is in Westminster's interests to court Shetland. The question I'd like to see publicly pushed is to ask Salmond "What have you got to offer us?" in the Scottish independence scenario. Not in an divisive sense, but following the absence of mandate.
  5. Tentatively stepping into this thread having not noticed a couple of things being mentioned: Salmond keeps reiterating the point that he has absolute mandate from the Scottish people to seek an independence referendum at least, provided by the last electoral results... It would seem apparent that any such mandate was not provided from this part of the country. Secondly, did anyone notice Lord Caithness's tabled amendment, for Orkney, Shetland and Rockall to remain part of the UK? This would retain the status quo for Shetland as a regional entity, in a manner previously agreed by Westminster in the 70s. No requirement for complete independence, but greater devolved autonomy with Holyrood out of the equation?
  6. Shetlink has always been intended as an online community. If any member warrants exclusion then please inform a Mod. Thanks. As to the soundproofing, bar and event management unlinked, perhaps you should approach Shetland Arts with your enquiry. I've been told that the venue was specced from the start to be sound proof between the different areas. Better to ask than to speculate. ...and as an apparent music fan, you may find use of it at some point, no?
  7. Should be an interesting result. By mid-evening the unofficial word was that turnout was relatively low..
  8. He was in the paper last week, unless I'm mistaken. Hard to miss the guy, he does pop up everywhere in both voluntary and professional capacities.
  9. Garrick Bros also have crane trucks that would deliver loads of this type. Might be worth a call to them too.
  10. Shetlink in it's hospitable frugality may stretch to the luxurious heights of a North Sea cruise for the 10,000th registered user.... ...on the Leirna.
  11. Posting music videos on the forum could equally be construed as advertising for the original artists.
  12. You should really qualify such a statement with tangible evidence, or a wink smiley to denote you are joking perhaps. Otherwise it will have to be removed as defamatory under the T&Cs.
  13. See, this thread is supposed to be a nice fluffy place where people can share their latest music discoveries, or dig out the occasional golden old, whether it be death metal or cliff richard. It's not a competition, or a neh-neh-na-neh-neh thread, so we're locking it for now. Sorry.
  14. Hoped someone would pick this up and solve it Peter, and I hope you can appreciate the satirical humour in the interim.
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