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  1. Money saving. It was on the cards from the day NHS Shetland closed minefield. The quite room / sanctuary at G.B. is now pharmacy. While the canteen now shuts at 1400.
  2. Hare coursing. Deer and stag hunting. Half a million grouse shot every year,plus pheasant and cartridge,all in the u.k. and all in the name of sport. Amazing how this has been forgotten in this argument
  3. Seems all there is along d street is empty premises and charity shops. It is so run down. Wonder what all those cruise liner passengers think.
  4. will any of you be making a new year resolution, if so what will it be ???
  5. each to their own, so why have a pop at those that want to take part, it takes all sorts.
  6. if one wirks for NHS Shetland, then posting here anything concerning NHS Shetland is a breach of contract and a disciplinary issue quite possibly leading to dissmissal
  7. apparently she was damaged in the berth she was at , hence the move
  8. they were ar my place of work for about 10 minutes, no employee's got to question them. they were just up here to try and win a few votes
  9. greenman

    L.R OUT

    this is written on a house wall at south lochside, any ideas as to why????
  10. I saw it about a month ago, not seen it since though, but not along that way very often
  11. many thanks for your support
  12. many thanks. mental health affects 1 in 4 of the population at any given time http://www.justgiving.com/gordon-downing each one of us has some personal experience of mental health issues
  13. I am doing the mind your head 5k walk down at cunningsburgh in august, not sure if I am allowed to ask for sponsors on here. If I am allowed would it be ok to put on a link to my just giving page. many thanks in anticipation
  14. Just a general point but, why is there so much poorly hidden jealousy against those who might, or might not, benefit from a little extra trade.? Any extra money spent in the town centre will probably go into the 'pockets' of local businesses and re-appear elsewhere in the community as wages. If you want some of it, get a job!!! what makes you think I am jealous. I happen to have a perfectly good job, I was merely commenting that some, not all of the businesses li town would benefit from the extra cash being spent.
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