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  1. Almost two thirds of Shetland voted No. You are all being collectively punished and it's my democratic right to do that. It's up to the reasonable people there to put pressure on the idiots and I will be helping them do that as I see it.
  2. Enjoy the attention and make fun of it by all means. But know this, I and others are serious. We will get you back for is. We will have another referendum soon, within ten years, and when we do the vast majority of us will see the Westminster pledge was a lie and the scaremongering for what it was. By a process of political gravitation, Shetland will fall into the hands of the Scottish people like a ripe apple and when it does this will be remembered. Tomorrow I return to business as usual. But trust me, there will be boycotts and shetland will be on the list. This is not over. And plenty have died.
  3. Trust me, shetlanders will soon find out what business I am in. As will people from Orkney and Aberdeen. You will suffer for this treachery. If I was minded to tone this down, it would be on the basis that you lack understanding if anything but I don't make any such allowances for thick people down here so why should I single Shetland out?
  4. Everything you say here confirms my suspicions that elements on your island are anti-Scottish. I've read a few of your posts on here and I'm glad you responded because you exemplify the type of person in Shetland I want to take aim at. On the presumed substance of your post which is ill-considered and wrong in many parts, we can say the following; 1) you clearly are anti-Scottish 2) you don't regard yourself as Scottish 3) you ask what has the Scottish parliament done for Shetland. And interestingly obtuse point but let's consider it with seriousness. You might ask what the Scottish parliament has done for any specific region though, and what do you assume it has done for say Glasgow in particular? I can assure you I'd struggle myself to answer that. But let's be clear that the Scottish parliament has very limited powers in many areas. Let's also be clear that it's only been in existence for about 15 years and in about half those years was dominated by Labour. The Labour Party stabbed the whole of the UK in the back, took us into an illegal war that resulted in literally millions of innocent people dead, and totally wrecked our economy with its light touch approach to letting big business do what it wanted. We all suffered. I think the SNP compares favourably with the Labour Party. The SNP he put emphasis on the NHS and is committed to its protection, despite limits on its power and budget. That has and will benefit shetlanders. We can debate waiting times etc, if you want, I have all the details to hand. Thanks to the SNP, prescriptions are free and council tax has been frozen. This has benefitted shetlanders too, I would argue. And how about the policy of reducing cost on ferry services, has that no benefitted Shetland? I went to the isle of bute last year in a van and it cost me £145 return, are you suggesting that's preferential treatment for the central belt? It's a 20 minute crossing. The SNP have not taken our sons and daughters into illegal wars. The SNP haven't wrecked our economy and handed it on a platter to big business. On the contrary, they opposed those things at the time. Think about that, it's important, they attacked a British government before and after the invasion of Iraq. I could go on and on about student fees and other things but we all know the Scottish parliament has no teeth in most areas and a limited budget so I won't bore you. Suffice to say I am more solved to boycott Shetland than I ever was after reading your comments. And I'll be talking many other foreigners in Scotland to do so too. A lot of us will. And I repeat, do not expect any welcome from people like myself in Glasgow of which I hope and think there are many.
  5. In what respect am I being ignorant? I've never been called ignorant before. What am I ignorant of? Be careful, I read stuff.
  6. No, just the ones who resoundingly voted NO, like Shetland. It's my right to boycott you, just as it was your right to selfishly vote NO in such high numbers. You might as well hear it from me, a lot of us are thinking the same way down here in Glasgow. I hope to prove to you that the opinions of Glaswegians matter and count for something -- we are still the biggest city in Scotland. I'll be promoting a boycott of Shetland just as I am promoting a boycott B&Q and so many others who let us down. Keep an eye on the web, this is very real.
  7. This is my first post on here and probably my last. I created my membership so that I could make this single post in response to some of the comments given and the result of the referendum. None of you will find what follows pleasant reading. First of all, I'm not from Shetland, I'm from Scotland. I didn't realise so many of you regarded Scottish people as some sort of foreign enemy until I came on here. Knowing that actually helps explain things but I would never have guessed that my customers in Shetland thought of me like that. More on my Shetland customers to come... I'm from Glasgow. I'm pretty well off, to tell the truth. I don't drink, don't take drugs, and am reasonably boring really. I also don't watch or take any interest in football. In all that I'm quite an odd Glaswegian. I run my own business, keep myself to myself, and am devoted to my family. I have two kids. Glasgow and so many other places are in a desperate state right now. The austerity and the recession have taken a toll. I voted yes in the referendum because I wanted someone to address issues of poverty above all else. Since it pains me to see child poverty and food banks on the rise just about everywhere, you might argue that it was selfish of me to vote Yes and I wouldn't argue. So, it looks like almost two thirds of Shetland people voted No and that puzzles me. Shetland was actually one of the staunchest supporters of No, in regional terms. Very odd. The people I know from Shetland seemed very reasonable, like most others. I've actually helped a few of them out in ways that go beyond business too. For example, one of my customers has a son studying at Glasgow university and without going into detail, I went out of my way to help with advice and providing a van to move stuff when he moved into a flat here. There's no nice way of saying this though. As of Monday, I will not be doing business with anyone from Shetland. I will also not be helping anyone from Shetland in any other way. If I meet someone from Shetland, I will be either very curt or very nasty to them. If I had the power to speak for Glasgow as a whole, I would advise you not to come here. Obviously I feel very let down by what has happened but that is to say I think Shetlanders are a let down. I don't expect many of you to lose any sleep over some bitter foreigner in Glasgow. That's fine. My advice to you is to push for Shetland independence because I don't think I'm alone in thinking the way I think about this stuff. As for the few who voted Yes and the injustice of collective punishment, I'm afraid I don't have time to filter you out for preferential treatment. At the end of the day, you might have done more to convince your neighbours to vote for Yes. As for your sons and daughters, they ultimately are the ones who will need to live with your decision, as are mine. You might think you have some sort of strategically superior position with regards to oil etc., but I think you mistaken in that respect. Based on what I've read, many of you can barely afford to heat yourselves and I can't see that changing any time soon with power now firmly in the hands of Westminster. I will be honest with my Shetland customers when explain why I am boycotting them. Honesty matters to me and I am looking forward to those discussions.
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