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  1. Think they moved into the scrap store a wee while ago
  2. Does anyone know who are the agents for APC ( alternative parcel company)?
  3. Don't be so pedantic, take the refund and go to the Co-Op!
  4. Thanks for this, have been onto my bank and have been reimbursed !!
  5. You would be wise to take heed of the notice at the grid, it is there for a reason. Driving a 4x4 up there can be a little hairy and the road would kill your Micra! if you are willing to walk up the road you will have your breath taken away with some amazing views
  6. hi frances you need a minimum of 90 days left on your passport at the date of your return and you need to fill in a visa form, You need an ESTA form - we did it on a website the morning we flew because we thought as uk citizens we were ok! :0
  7. currys will deliver to shipping agent at aberdeen docks
  8. we got new cards about a month ago
  9. unless the travelodge has upped its game i would give it a miss, try the new one across from the ferry its a jury inn
  10. if you have holiday insurance with your bank try them and ask if it covers from when you leave home until you get back home for any eventualitiy such as this
  11. thats maybe where they burn the galley at up helly aa
  12. the youth hostel in Uyeasound has serviced sites
  13. Currys now deliver large items - as long as you nominate a courier service in aberdeen , I complained to our MP and he got it sorted but I had already found another company (icelandappliances) who agreed to deliver to Shetland Transport in Aberdeen with no hassle
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