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  1. We had a house built by C&M Builders in Gulberwick. Couldn't fault them. From excavation to completion in under 6 months. Malcolm Hutchison is the owner and a really nice guy. Hope that helps.
  2. Thistle 3 - Scalloway 2 (i think)
  3. TA Hall? Don't know about the bar facilities mind you...
  4. this might be of use... www.shetlandmarinas.com
  5. Jillian Isbister @ Clickimin organised it (I think)
  6. I can vouch for edlets; used them several times now and never been disappointed.
  7. I know they've got to make a living....BUT...does anyone else think that the new Shetland Times site is just too heavy on the ads? I preferred the old site.
  8. Are you talking about the Johnsmas Foy or the Flavour Of Shetland event which was on Victoria Pier?
  9. Just a heads-up... Your post is listed as being posted on Friday so folks might read that the tickets only go on sale tomorrow (Saturday) when in actual fact they are on sale NOW.
  10. Thanks folks. Heard there were cars off the road at the Kames due to ice, so decided to postpone my trip.
  11. I have to drive from Lerwick to Brae this afternoon and am wondering if anyone has any news on the road condition? Thanks.
  12. The chap in the middle at the back of the second picture is the owner of this local business - www.stevencoutts.co.uk If he's not the owner of the card, I'm sure he'll be of help in locating who is.
  13. grammar Just sayin'! And therein lies the problem...
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