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  1. Surf-n-Turf it is then...perfect!
  2. 'The sign on the door of opportunity reads PUSH'
  3. About 20 years ago I was visiting my wife's father in L.A. He worked for Walt Disney but his next door neighbour was the Set Manager for Warner Bros. Whilst on a tour of the Warner Bros set, the studio was recording a feature film ('A Walton Wedding' - 10 years on, John-Boy gets married etc) and needed extras. I was pushed to the front of the crowd by my wife and spent 4 hrs on set. Ta-da.
  4. My claim to fame is that I've been in an episode of the Walton's. Bizarre eh? What's yours?
  5. Dammit..can't read. SD's photo was of a sunrise..duh. x2
  6. Guess the sunset LOOKING SOUTH threw me off...(knew I'd be embarrased)
  7. Anyone else struggling to identify where 'SD' is taking photo's of? I can't quite get it...(will probably be embarassed when all is revealed!)
  8. Anyone know what that big yellow thing in the sky is?
  9. I guess you're talking about the parking discs? If so, you get one free of charge from most of the retailers on the street. I know Harry's and the fish mongers next to there have them as I've gotten from them before.
  10. Nope. Lodging a business plan with the enterprise company does not preclude anyone else from developing a similar idea. It just means he who builds first, wins!
  11. Aren't Train Shetland and Shetland College two different entities?...
  12. Good wishes and a Happy New Year to all!
  13. I've had 2 properties built recently (within the last 7 years) and can advise that for a timber-clad house you'll be in the £1,000 per sqm range, depending on builder of course, with average finishings/heating system etc. Add in the £20,000+ for the site and services and then the £3k'ish for the legal stuff and I'd guess that you'll be looking at a price in the low £100,000's for a 70sqm property.
  14. I would've thought this is something a notary public etc could help with?
  15. We had our manager come around this afternoon informing us of severe weather during the night and tomorrow a.m. Bodes well!...
  16. I've always thought that the former Smith & Harper building on Commercial Rd would make a good restaurant/family pub etc (pending permissions etc...)
  17. Agreed - if the cheaper petrol station is on your normal driving route and you're passing by anyway then of course it makes sense to fill up at the cheaper location BUT it'd need to be a significant (i.e. >5p/Ltr) difference to make me go out of my way to bother filling up somewhere other than my immediate local...
  18. Sad thing is that any potential saving is automatically cancelled out by the extra fuel you'll use by driving the extra distance to the station with the cheaper fuel. You may as well just pay the extra 2/3/4p at your nearest pump and not bother...
  19. Delts


    If you had a point, it's a shame it's being lost in your garbled mess...
  20. In the meantime, I say let's get some of that testing money!
  21. This might do the trick... Brian Wood Phone Number: 744108 Email Address: brian.wood@shetland.gov.uk Date: 22/11/2011 Subject: Bryan Adams ticket for sale Description: Bryan Adams standing ticket for concert at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre this Saturday 26th November 2011. Cost £44.25 Will sell for £35.00
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