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  1. Is anyone collecting old Christmas cards this year 2019 ?
  2. Mass boycott of the new airport parking charges ? Folk too law abiding?
  3. Lerwick History Group Presents a talk by Dr Ian Tait Curator of Shetland Museum John Smith visits Shetland (but not Lerwick) Monday 12th February 2018 Islesburgh Community Centre Room 12 Doors open at 7.00pm Talk starts 7.15pm All welcome - Please come & join us Donations at the door
  4. Looks like there's going to be a lot of housing there. That's fine. Folk need houses but what I'm wondering about are the other developments which could be considered. There seems to be a significant lobby for a hockey pitch and what about the campsite which was bulldozed to make room for the new AHS? Furthermore, extra houses mean more people in Lerwick - total anathema to those of us who live in the rural areas, but won't this need another primary school? Finally, what happens if there's no cash forthcoming from anywhere to refurbish the remaining buildings? Will they be boarded up and left
  5. On first reading this looks li ke a good suggestion. There was after all a caravan park at the Knab before the present housing was put up. The dog in the manger at the moment is the government department who has occasional use of this former multi court for PSV and HGV driving tests. Question of prioritisation I suppose?
  6. Sands of Breckon, north Yell
  7. All it takes is acouple of real women to go out with a few squads and the "tradition" will be blown right open. Come on girls, it's about time you gave this a go!
  8. No problem. Give me a ring on Lerwick 694175
  9. Nice to have the resources to have everything, but unless we are being fed misinformation, it appears that we don't. That means that councillors are faced with the dilemma of prioritising expenditure. I wonder in this case whether they have got it right. Educating children must be about more than bus journeys and buildings - significant though that might be. As far as saving by putting hard pressed council officials out of a job do we need to keep in mind the volume of administrative material which Shetland has to deal with from central government is frequently equivalent to that of much more
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