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  1. Is it just me, or is Vodafone down? I haven't been able to get any messages sent out since last night, but can't get any sense from the Vodafone site .
  2. Couldn't agree more ! The sensitive and caring treatment and service, combined with a smiling reception from everyone, means that I have gradually ceased to view a visit to the dentist with horror, after years in my youth of hating it with a vengeance. The thought of getting used to a new dentist is a difficult one, but I hope whoever takes over - and I sincerely hope someone in the same mould is allowed to take over - will carry on the good work done by the Owens, with the same ethos. Good luck, and a happy retirement to them both.
  3. The SHB were planning to expand Montfield, but apparently (unconfirmed) the project is on hold, as the money which had been allocated is no longer available. (One wonders where it has gone.....) Their other idea is simply to have locums do the work - now there's a splendid idea........ not. Yes, a "Save our Dentists" campaign would be a good idea. It will be difficult to replace Alan Owen, but if someone wanted to take over the practice, they should be encouraged by the Health Board to do so, and hopefully those already working in the practice would be retained. Has anyone ever found a better Dental Hygienist than Morag Mouat ?!! Spread the word !
  4. Just heard that Alan Owen is retiring at the end of the year - disaster ! He is the best dentist I've ever had, bar none, and will be very difficult to replace.
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