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  1. The covid PPE procurement scandal is corruption on an epic scale. When we break the law we expect to be fined or jailed, not so it seems if you're in government, nowadays they don't even have the decency to resign. https://goodlawproject.org/news/
  2. The countries that have succesfully eliminated the virus have shut their borders with strict quarantine measures on arrival for anybody wanting entry, anything less doesn't seem to work, the Faroese example in Muckle Oxters link suggests a single test on arrival definitely doesn't work, the twin negative tests 6 days apart has been more succesful but as Colin says it's still not enough to guarantee 0 cases without some kind of quarantine in place. Personally I think they're going to stick with suppression and continuing to put measures in place to try and keep any new strains at bay until a la
  3. EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zones) are for independent sovereign states not autonomous regions. For example the 'Falkland Islands EEZ' is the UK's EEZ, The 'Faroese EEZ' is Denmark's EEZ. If Scotland won independence they would have their own EEZ. It's up to the sovereign independent state to decide what they want to do with their EEZ. The big fat lie that Wir Shetland tried to fool us with is this... "Mr Tulloch sets out a case for autonomy based on Shetland’s “unique” position as an island group, that would see Shetland controlling the resources of its own 200-mile Exclusive Economic Z
  4. I can understand our council using Scottish independence to try and leverage more funds from central government whether it's Edinburgh or London. I think playing the two governments against each other is a high risk strategy and the people doing it are way out of their depth but that's just my humble opinion. What I really don't like is being sold a pup with pie in the sky promises. One being the bizarre belief that autonomy means the UK government would suddenly forget about the £2.5 trillion debt and bankrupt English councils and take the revenues they currently collect and blow annual
  5. Lets have a look at how the UK government treats councils in England to see if our council is onto a winner with Boris... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55754882
  6. How come the areas of the country that provide a surplus charged the most for electricity? https://images.app.goo.gl/FdqCCV7FjXoVYNXD8 and...Why are grid transmission charges higher the further you get from London? https://images.app.goo.gl/BpjzPjgFrV29Y6m46
  7. They're thinking about training Space Cadets in Unst now? Am I the only person waiting for the punchline?
  8. An independent Scotland could copy Denmark, on all measures their pension system scores better than ours, now I think of it, why stop there? The small independent Nordic countries seem to do everything better than us.
  9. The UK has the lowest state pension in the developed world, if all those countries can manage it why can't we? https://www.ageuk.org.uk/latest-news/articles/2017/december/lowest-state-pension/
  10. @Davie P I understand and share your preference for representative democracy v's direct democracy, the only country I can think of who seem to make a form of direct democracy work is Switzerland, (average 4 referendums a year). I can't see any desire to have referendums on every major subject but I see no problem having a referendum when all other democratic avenues have been exhausted as is the case right now in Scotland. As for time scale there is precedent in the UK right now, in the Good Friday Agreement a timescale of 7 years between referendums on Irish unification was agreed.
  11. I'm glad to hear it, does that mean if independence parties win a majority on May 6th you'll be happy for them to fulfill the mandate they've been given?
  12. Democracy never stands still, people change their minds, voters die and new ones take their place, policies change, the world around us changes etc. The people who want to prevent the people from voting can never be described as democrats, it's as simple as that.
  13. The democratic argument is a bit easier to follow for laymen like me. I would be genuinely interested if anybody can refute this claim... Blocking, or attempting to block a democratic route to Scottish independence is an impossible position for anybody who wants to call themselves a democrat.
  14. If the majority of the Scottish electorate vote for parties supporting independence that's democracy in action. If those parties use their mandated majority in the Scottish parliament and vote to hold a referendum on independence that's democracy in action. A referendum is a further democratic event designed to guage the will of the electorate (it also removes the doubt that Urabug raised regarding voters that vote for independence parties but don't support independence). If Westminster refuses then you tell me, what democratic route to independence is left?
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