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  1. For those who cited Sweden as an example of how to deal with Covid... https://www.businessinsider.com/sweden-admits-coronavirus-strategy-underestimated-strenght-virus-lofven-stefan-2020-12?r=US&IR=T "...We are far beyond 100% of capacity in intensive care. We are approaching almost double the number of available spaces..." "...That was the country's second-highest number of monthly deaths on record, surpassed only by the country's worst month of the 1918 influenza pandemic..."
  2. I know it's not very exciting but all those people who've had the vaccine haven't gained any spidey senses, super strength or the ability to smell colours, nobody seems to have grown an extra ear on their back, or turned into zombies. As far as I'm aware there's no tiny microchip in it, I may be wrong though, can any vaccinated person tell me if they've been picked up as a Bluetooth device? Maybe their internet has improved? Is Bill Gates now at a computer screen keeping track of the movements of old biddies shuffling about the care home at Kantersted? According to the boffins there's a 95% chance it will save you from catching covid though. Pretty impressive.
  3. Great news! Fingers crossed we're on the cusp of gaining herd immunity through vaccination. I heard Englands deputy chief medical officer Prof Jonathan Van-Tamsay on the radio saying that up to 99% of Covid-19 hospitalisations and deaths could be avoided with the first wave of vaccinations. Hopefully next year will be very different from this one.
  4. ^^I agree, but if it's combined with the other measures and they're all adhered to, then even a little help from each measure adds up to making the virus harder to transmit.
  5. ^^ I'm no scientist but surely common sense tells us that if you cough, sneeze or even just talk to someone while wearing a face covering it limits the distance the droplets from the cough/sneeze/yarn can travel.
  6. I wonder if instead of using the pandemic to score political points our council might try something useful like closing the schools early at Christmas to make visiting elderly grandparents safer?
  7. https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2020/10/23/hopes-new-level-zero-for-covid-19-could-see-lifting-of-most-restrictions-in-shetland And https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/10/23/sic-leader-hopeful-of-isles-being-placed-in-lower-tiers-of-coronavirus-restrictions/ It amazes me how hacks and councillors now consider themselves Epidemiologists and Virologists. I think I'd rather trust those who know what their on about when it comes to the decision about what level of covid restrictions we need to be in to limit or prevent needless deaths. If you were lying on an operating table about to get some brain surgery would you dismiss the surgeon and ask a local bricky to do it instead? The continual sniping against sensible restrictions designed to save lives in a global pandemic is dangerous imho.
  8. https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-statement-on-brexit-negotiations-16-october-2020 CON ALERT!! CON ALERT!! "...this summit appears explicitly to rule out a Canada-style deal, I have concluded that we should get ready for January 1 with arrangements that are more like Australia’s.... CON 1)The UK is desperately seeking much more access than Canada gets in it's free trade agreement, one example being the EU's banking passport for free trade in Banking and Financial Services. CON 2)Australia doesn't have a free trade agreement with the EU, they deal with the EU on WTO terms. Canada "style" deal "Australian arrangements" Weasel words aimed to mislead us and shift blame from his government's huge incompetence.
  9. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/09/24/sic-makes-contact-with-governments-over-self-determination This letter to the PM and First Minister seems to me, to put it as kindly as possible, ill thought out. This bit at the end of the letter sticks out for me... “...The council intends to conduct extensive research into the most attractive future model and would formally request a meeting with you and relevant senior ministers to discuss options in early course...” A few things bother me about this, here's a couple for starters.. In the absence of any of the councillors I elected mentioning they were seeking changes to Shetlands constitutional status, would it not be prudent, before they spend our money on "extensive research", to ask us, the people who put them there, what we want first? Even if you ignore the democratic argument in the first point, would it not make a bit more sense to "conduct extensive research" before they wrote to them? Are they expecting the PM and FM to drop Covid, Brexit, running the country etc, and do it for them?
  10. ^^Have they made the French fishing captain President of France or an Admiral in the French Navy? Maybe we could clean the pigeon crap off Nelson, take him off his column and tie him to the wheel of HMS Victory and send it into the Channel. The stuck in the past Brexiteers could line Plymouth docks and give a rousing rendition of Rule Britannia and wave Union Jacks to send them off. This reminds me of a story a Shetland fishing captain once told me, he said he could pee out of the side of his oilskins without taking them off, I took one look at his waistline and did a quick mental calculation and came to the conclusion that maybe, just sometimes, fishermen can embellish things a little bit like the rest of us.
  11. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/10/01/sic-leader-stresses-importance-of-covid-guidelines-amid-tension-with-nhs/ Why is our council leader going public with mixed messaging about National guidelines concerning Covid 19? Why did he not consult privately with NHS Shetland before going public implying Shetland should be exempt because of our comparatively low prevalence? We all saw how rapidly and easily it spread around Shetland in the first wave. Ferries and flights are still going daily from areas of the country where prevalence is higher, people are coming and going to/from Shetland every day of the week. I suppose we have to be grateful for the patient and knowledgeable National Clinical Director Professor Jason Leitch and Chief Executive of NHS Shetland Michael Dickson for taking the time out of their busy schedules to dumb down the bleeding obvious and explain in very simple terms that although viruses can't swim or fly, the people who carry them can.
  12. The feeble excuse the leader used to tell Stephen Leask about his leadership role being untenable doesn't even add up. How could stating a published fact undermine Holyrood negotiations? Doesn't he realise Holyrood already knows how much funding Shetland is allocated in relation to the other Scottish local authorities they have responsibility for? They write the cheques for goodness sake! If this is a case of punishing the two councillors for not voting the way they were told, whether you agree with them or not, it's a very dangerous precedent, I voted for an "independent" candidate, not one who could be whipped into voting a certain way.
  13. I hope you're not misrepresenting the councillor I helped elect here, according to the article above he... "reminded councillors that Shetland was receiving significantly more in funding per head of population than the average Scottish local authority...these figures are no secret and publicly available." This statement of fact does not equate to him saying Shetland gets "more than enough funding from Holyrood" They're two completely different things. If stating a published fact and having a different opinion to the "supreme leader" of the council is enough to get my councillor black balled from leadership roles then I want to know WTF is going on, sometimes elected officials need to be reminded who they work for!
  14. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/09/21/leask-resigns-from-senior-position-over-question-of-self-determination/ Is stating facts and having an opinion not allowed in the council chamber or when talking to us plebs anymore? Do they all have to toe the line and say what they're told to say? Stephen Leask is my councillor, he got my vote because he was the only candidate willing to put in the legwork and come to my door to try and win it in the run up to the election. I didn't help vote him in to be a shrinking violet or cajoled into being silent by a council leader I've never even heard of. Same goes for Ian Scott, I certainly don't agree with everything he says but we need people like him with the balls to speak their mind and ask uncomfortable questions, at the very least it helps spark some healthy debate.
  15. ^^ Could they not use hand sanitiser before and after using the card machines? Or on entry/exit? If you touch a hand sanitising bottle to squirt it on your hands, put it down and rub your hands thoroughly, are your hands not then sanitised? There's hand sanitiser everywhere, a large number of people even carry their own. It's such a simple concept I've seen very small children managing it without prompting from their parents. I know from personal experience there's a percentage of people who don't care if they get it, trying to convince the idiots they might pass it on to their parents/grandparents or their asthmatic/diabetic friend who would stand an increased chance of death is the challenge.
  16. This source should be compulsory reading for anyone who keeps sheep in Shetland.I read through the bit where it gives in depth analysis of what would happen if there was a no deal Brexit and EU tariffs, this isn't even taking into consideration the loss of EU subsidy, or the damaging effect lamb imports from non EU countries (under WTO rules) would have to the viability of sheep farming in Scotland, this is just how much the price would have to drop to sell lamb to the EU for the price we sell at right now when tariffs are included, the percentages are huge! It goes on to catalogue how far lamb sales drop off in general when they increase in relation to other meat, this inevitably leads you to the conclusion that even if cheap imported beef from the US, for example, came to the UK market it would have a considerable negative impact on the sale of lamb. Additionally it spells out in facts and figures the amount of lamb the UK market consumes and how it's not big enough to sustain current levels. It's harrowing reading for anyone who has an interest, I knew it would be bad but to have it spelled out in this link is particularly sobering. Thanks for the info, I'm sure every single one of us knows somebody who'll be affected, tragically there's many still in complete denial and won't even click on it. Reminds me of this George Orwell quote from the book "1984"... "...The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essental command..."
  17. If losing the EU subsidy wasn't enough there's also the double whammy of cheap food imports. If you're wondering what the UK government is going to do to protect the agricultural sector from cheap, sub-standard food imports flooding in under post-Brexit international trade deals... Guess what??? They're actively encouraging it. The NFU is absolutely fuming!!! This from The Scottish Farmer, a publication that's usually Tory to the bone
  18. After attempting to break the law twice by trying to bypass parliament and being forced to halt the attempts by the highest court in the land, Boris and his untrustworthy government of conmen and criminals are trying to break international law and renege on an international treaty they themselves negotiated. Consequences if they do...UK being seen internationally as a rogue state. The speaker of the US House of Representatives released a statement saying if they continued to follow this path there would be no chance of any US/UK trade deal passing the congress. They helped broker the Good Friday Agreement and take a very keen interest in any violation. The EU on behalf of the member States have given the UK a month to back peddle. Anybody who thinks, as I did, that Boris and his cabal were just bumbling idiots seem to be mistaken, I humbly admit my error, I was wrong... They're very dangerous, bumbling idiots.
  19. Aaah now I understand, thanks for the clarification.
  20. I'm confused, why are the Daily Mail and Daily Express reporting this with such glee?
  21. Capeesh


    ^^We already trade with the "big bad non EU world market" as part of the EU.
  22. Capeesh


    Bang on the money with this post, at last a bit of hard nosed realism.The EU has something the UK desperately wants, they can grant or deny unfettered access to EU markets, there's never one side in a negotiation and it doesn't take a genius to see how it's all going to pan out, either the UK caves or they take a huge financial hit. No amount of spitfire fly by's, union jacks or royal babies can hide this reality.
  23. Capeesh


    ^^ Or, the more likely outcome... UK keep ALL revenues and do whatever they choose to do with their own EEZ (like they do now), give a couple of peerages to the "loyal" Shetland leaders, and wampum for the natives, we've come full circle, it's been a hoot but not for me, sorry.
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