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  1. Phone the ferry services and ask them !!!
  2. Hi the Rangers supporters usually watch the games in the Masonic club
  3. I used to be a fisherman the boats skipper can turn his transponder off from other fishing boats but they can't turn it off from the fisheries protection folk in Edinburgh.
  4. Its not the getting off there faces that's the problem its there behaviour when there out and about that's the problem there not all idiots but there's a lot off them who are, they have a no drinking rule at the gas plant so why are they silly enough to get blootered and cause so much trouble when they could be breathalysed the next day, I have a no drinking rule at my work with an instant dismissal so I don't chance it when im working the next day, Oh and by the way I was on the boat to Aberdeen this past Wedensday and the behaviour off some of these guys was absolutely pathetic they were lou
  5. You cant go wrong with Blydoit Fish both of there shops the one at East Voe in Scalloway or the one they have at Sound in Lerwick are very good I would highly recommend them..
  6. If people cant go out and enjoy themselves at Up Helly Aa and behave and that includes the ex Jarl who's made a complete fool of himself once again..You will just have to take what you get and maybe learn to behave in future..
  7. .. That no true theres no problem getting a membership for the legion these days they realised years back so they have family memberships and theres no limit on the amount off associate members they have these days..
  8. Exactly. I know a few in this position, though it looks more and more like the forecasts have been exaggerated so Sunday should see things back to normal. However, as mentioned elsewhere, if Tesco had offered to help get *people* home, that might actually have meant something. It is a quite worrying trend though. Only a few years ago it wasn't uncommon to be stuck in the house without power etc for a few days at a time, several times during the winter. Are people generally really not prepared anymore? Despite the tabloid style headlines, what has actually happened is that a couple of th
  9. The yard built what the councl ordered so i dont think its the builders blame... Why could they not just have got a bog standard tugs which have been proven all over the world... They did exactly the same with the first Foula ferry and tried to blame the Millars yard..!!!!!
  10. Off course [** mod edit - name and unsubstantiated accusation removed **] ..The most of Shetland knew what was going on they were doing it right under the fishery officers noses no wonder they got caught..
  11. Yes you might just have hit the nail bang on the head there engineer21.. And funnily enough that influence just by chance has land at the north end off Bressay just in the area where the Bressay end of the tunnel is to be..
  12. What ever people may think the time these sniffer dogs have been in operation in Shetland there's been a lot of hard drugs detected and taken off our streets and a lot of people prosecuted.. Whats the authorities supposed to do.? Take them of the streets and let the drug dealers do what they want.. All i can say is good luck to them with there dogs and long may it last..
  13. We all your truttling and moaning about no 2 min silence on SIBC Did none off you not notice the T.A. Never even bothered hauling up there union jack flag in the fort.. maybe they couldn't care less about the past...
  14. Does anybody know if there's any digital camera clubs in shetland..?
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