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  1. Deffo the Baltasound Hotel. They have a small but excellent menu. And wonderful wine. Also excellent service,
  2. Food, service and atmosphere at Busta is still as good as ever.
  3. Just been an filled up on the cheap(er) fuel. Good for them for trying! Best of luck. It looked pretty busy so hope it's a success.
  4. They are trying to make a living here from a shop which had been allowed to run down so naturally they are haveing to do everything they can to make a go of it. Why don't we just help them instead of criticising! Go in, buy some fuel and the errands. Saves running to town.
  5. Lots of bottle banks all round the islands for glass.
  6. Flying Flowers, Flowers by Post etc.
  7. No, volunteers don't get paid. Only the manager/ess. I did feel that the prices rose drastically but that's nationwide Oxfam policy unfortunately. My main gripe was the place smelt of cigarette smoke all the time!
  8. I have to agree with Bug. Lots of people had probably paid good money to watch the show so staff had to consider the greater number and if there was too much noise, asked you to leave. Maybe not good for you and your family but rather understandable. I don't expect there was any idea of discrimination, merely thinking of the larger picture!
  9. Are you not all taking yourselves a little too seriously?
  10. I think this is fairly typical of Travelodge. We had a bad experience in one in Edinburgh last month but after several complaints had all our money refunded.
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