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  1. after a yes vote there will be an election where everyone can vote for the party they suport. what is wrong with that?
  2. Welcome back Trout et al! Thanks for all your hard work and regular updates as to what was going on, glad to see Shetlink back online
  3. Cheers Troot! Loving the new improved Shetlink, just taking a bit of getting used to. Love the new classifieds layout, makes it easier to see exactly whit is being sold etc. As I said before, I Likey!
  4. One more question, what is the neutral thingy on my profile page? ( sorry for silly questions, just trying to get used to the new layout!!)
  5. Ah, I see. We'll just have to behave ourselves then...
  6. What are the warning points on a users profile page?
  7. These cars were something to do with the Ignition project ,had seen them at bolts last week. Don't think any of them are in any fit state to be sold on
  8. Vitalite , please give it up! Nobody is interested in your moaning!
  9. Health and Beauty in Reform Lane do ear piercings. My daughter had hers done there a few months ago and didn't have to wait that long.
  10. Click on the link, then click where it says "local map and info" and zoom out a bit, http://www.countrylife.co.uk/property/details/property/500628/referrer/search/for-sale/Out-Skerries-Shetland.html Wish we had the weather!!
  11. Thank you Tojo!! I am now the proud owner of both these items!! I used the site you suggested, and was able to get hold of both of them,and have passed the info onto friends who are also struggling. Thank you very much!!
  12. Thanks for the very useful info! I have a leappad on order from play.com, but was wondering if my daughter would like it. I'm thinking now that the leap pad would be more suited for my 2 yr old,and the innotab for the older one. You don't happen to know if they come with chargers, or if you can buy ones? Don't fancy the cost of replacing batteries every few hours!!
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