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  1. yes very nasty. i hope it starts improving. yet they have not approved any vax yet.
  2. starlink maybe the future. a mere 110 times faster than our current connection.
  3. or is it that some are just not bothered were is the scottish labour leader.
  4. but still no donation from the charity trust has anyone askedthe oik industry as alot of there workers will use it.
  5. felt like doing that in the past.
  6. lots more scaremongering. vote for the candidate that you believe is promising the best for shetland. not that this party or that party is horrible and that they are going to do lots of nasty stuff. i would have expected the lib dems to be more positive than that. youve had power in both msp and mp for a long time either put forward positive stuff or just sit on your majority and hope. its sad that it cant be a more open and positive race. and no having an msp who is snp will not make an indy2 any more likely.
  7. they dont even attempt to deliver to us. the last two parcels got to inverness and just got sent back.
  8. scotland did not have it.its not relevent to scotland.
  9. no the others will only care if they were going to have to replace it.
  10. thank you.i was only aware of the english one.
  11. it should be covered by i think a fensa certificate. looking at the response from the builder and manufactorer im guessing it going to be one of the first 2. its really easy to chip it if not handle very carefully. it would the act like a windscreen crack its going to slowly be expanding. with toughened glass as you would expect it will fail rather rapidly. i suspect it was not fitted properly. if the builder has not given you a cert it could be raised as an issue if you come to sell. plus its meant to have a guarantee with it. all glass in double grazing should be upto at least pilkington k standard. its unfair that youve been left with this. can you get triple glaized with toughened glass. i probably would not be bothered by that nickel test. it really should not have been moving in the wind. argon filled would be better. a blown window when water gets in should not cause it to fail. it will lose some insulation value but thats it. its even fixable not sure its done up here. ireally hope you get it sorted
  12. how old was the broken widow.could it have been something as simple that if one pane was diffrent to the other then it could expand and contract at diffrent rates. hence it broke. those where just examples and not me saying to use them. is it covered by your insurance. the troubleif you just replace it then it may happen again. is it possible that something hit it which of course would then make it an insurance claim.
  13. probaly not but try these https://sealedunitsonline.co.uk/regular/default.aspx?gclid=CjwKCAjw0N3nBRBvEiwAHMwvNu83lFnT-O2mb59_rMKKChs4NY_q-S5d-mngPv2Digk7UN_YjwEr1BoC5BgQAvD_BwE or these https://www.glasstops.co.uk/order-online/sealed-unit-rectangle.php they areboth coming out at between 250-350. if just replacing the glass then its a few minutes work. however i would really want to know why it broke first . either structural movement. oviously the worst option. a frame fault or glass fault. where the spacers used was it able to expand and contract. im no expert i did replace our previous houses windows myself. i was surprised the glass was cheap compared to the frame. make sure its measured accuratly an error we had.
  14. thats expensive toget a triple glazed triple glazed full widow and frame is about £309 youwould need it fitting but at most 200 so a grand for just the glassand fitting is very over priced.
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