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  1. See... this is the bit you don't get. The prohibition laws don't protect us; they make the problem worse. thats because it was never inforced propery.
  2. Your uniform for the brave new world is ready sir http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/6660/imageswt3.jpg so your option i (*** Mod - Hot-linked image of Rachel Whitear removed (please refer to our T&Cs. If folks want to see the image, a google search will provide it. ***)
  3. then dont expect a decent level of service you pay peanuts you get monkeys. the SIC are paying more for a semi trained careworker than a staff nurse. in fact staff nurses are becoming careworkers to earn more with a lot less stress. is the SIC paying its staff the same as mainland britain councils. i better not get started on money wasting. is this the reason for the price increase or is it money making by wealthy investors. gas has not become 25% rarer this year. i wonder if shetland should get the same banding as london. apart from housing its probably as dear to live up here than there. in fact lets have keyworkers morgages like in the south east.
  4. its done with mental health. so why not buy a drink and do a months probation. why do you think shetland banned the sale of booze between the wars.it hurts society yes lets ban everything
  5. they have the protential to become one. i would rather live in a than in a society that allowed you to kill yourself.i agree that the goverment is two faced by allowing cig sales and booze sales and earning taxes from it. though they seem to be relizing that its costing the country more than its gaining. im sure that this will be expanded to alchol one day. it seems that if you are happy with the option of free choice then we must remove all those laws that protect us. were do i buy a machine gun i really want to shoot bunnies but hey if i run a muck then thats life. no more driving on the left pick your side of the road and hope. thats the same option as drug use. you are risking all by choosing this route for society. i may seem right wing but i have as much right to say that strict inforcement would work. how many would use if not an addict if they faced say 5 years for using. how about the death penalty for supply. works in singerpore no repeat offending and a use for all the hemp that is siezed a few meters of rope. if caught with drugs placed in a forced rehab program. freedom was never freedom never since man started living in groups have we lived how we wanted. why do you think that you can now.
  6. We already allow the sale of toxic chemicals, for example, drain cleaner, bleach and rat poison. Would you ban the sale of these items ? it does if there is a precived risk of abuse. thats why you cant buy glue or lighter fluid under 16. thats why the stopped the sale of good strong pain killers because there was a risk of abuse.
  7. the diffrence between social adicitive drugs and drain cleaner is you are very unlikely to become addicted to it. but with your aguement we should allow anybody the right to swig it. the easy rule of thumb is would yoiu be happy for your child wife/husband/partner or other close relative to be an addict if you dont then you are denying there right to choose. should we even go further and allow our drug addicted relative to supply the other members of the family. i wonder how many are still keen on there nearest and dearest becoming addicts. should we not protect our children from harm. we would be criminaly stupid to permit those close to them to harm themselves. and if we feel that way we should provide that protection to others. why should we allow them to be harmed then try to fix them up stop it and lock up the pushers for life. no excuse if you are supplying your killing or is that there choice to let the pusher do what they want its fine. why do you think society has laws its not for the fun of it. they are there to protect society
  8. the substances that you suggest are made legal so the sensible drug user can take are toxic and kill. so proposing that they become legal is like suggesting that we allow the sale of arsnic after all it our right to do what we want. but of course when your taxes rise to pay for the care of all the legal adicts that this policy would create , i imagine you may raise a few complaints. or should we leave the users in the street and not care for them after all its there choice. ive lived were drugs are a major problem. and if i thought for a moment that that was coming up here at the same levels. i would be out of here fast. maybe there is a recovered addict out there who may like to comment on the joys of addiction. please having a debate in theory is one thing in practice what you are saying is dangerous using drugs to hide from life is not going to work. it will destroy society.
  9. i m saying that there was way to much drinking going on not implying that every person was. it would have been intresting though to see just how many people were over the limit.
  10. you could be right about the numbers never worked it out. but i do know that i have never had a problem with tesco in the past. and from just under two years as the main supplyer of 8 peoples food 1 pence. i perfer tescos they have aways paid up.
  11. The results of drug use and abuse wether legal or not are very slow to show. its now known that one of the main reasons of heart problems in younger people is the use of cocaine(not counting people born with the illness). the health stats on long term users of heroin is terrible even if the survive overdoses and infections the drug itself will kill them in 20 to 30 years. Stimulants have there own health issues the same with heavy use of Cannabis . switching to drink and smoking smoking is so leathal forgeting about cancers of the whole body not just the lungs it is responsable for most of the long term killer diseases from strokes to loss of legs even to types of demetia its always there in the background destroying the body. heavy drinking which of course there are big problems with up here is bad news to not only addiction but deaths from loads of cancers and liver dseases. drugs from the doctor my mum in law was addicted to a drug her doctor gave her for over twenty years. im sorry but the people who are in favour of legalising drugs are just wrong. not only do they kill you and destroy your family they can be responsable for more than half of the property crimes commited. we were at the northmavine Up Hellya and the amount of drinking was a joke. infact i took my kids home because i was not happy with there safty. its odd that everybody seemed to be drinking but there was nobody walking. i wonder what the police are doing on up hellya nights. is there some law in shetland that allows drink driving. and i seem to remember that lerwick has a no drinking rule in public so why then is it ok on the big events. lets lose the drink from the big shetland does and it should attract more people. its very basic realy we need to have strong controls over all drugs. so yes lets have the dogs at the port and airport and lets inforce all the laws connected to the supply of drugs and to put them away for life if they are caught supplying. now i believe that is it iceland there are only a few place that drink can be bought. what a good idea.
  12. so even when i bully them into paying up they only pay a 1/4 of tescos loyalty card. whos getting the money from co-op then if its not the members. they must be earning loads to be able to buy somerfields without borrowing to pay for it.
  13. december last year. we must have spent a couple of grand in brae co-op but our statement showed £1 deducted and 1p owing and as it was only a penny they kept it. they owe us couple of hundred by that reconing. IVE BEEN CHEATED
  14. it would be fun to see those boat get to it. would the sand factory not be better for boat fixing. A tourist site maybe to selling shetland to the world. well we seem good at giving it away.
  15. not sure if we support the strike or not. THE WIFE is a nurse and her union RCN sorted an amazing 2.5 % for three years. that will equal at least a pay cut of 7.5 % if it stays at 5%. this follows a under inflation pay deal last year. and her union was pleased. Just wondered what would happen if all the public sector struck for at least inflation pay rises. no hospitals no fire no police lets not forget the army ect. but of course they wont strike to much of a duty of care. wounder if the council workers have this ethos.
  16. yep its just a shop. but think of the complaining if summerfield had not sold it to tesco's before being bought out by the coop. whould you rather have one retailer or two. the other options are no better morrisons didnt want to come up here that only leaves asda and trust me if you think tesco's is a nasty company lets get some good USA retailing in. Yep lets move asda into a greenfield site on the outside of lerwick and have a retailer that can compete against those nasty tesco folk. by the way ive always found the staff at summerfield/tesco to be friendly im not sure its been programed into them. they are really mean with their vouchers giving upto 33% off your shopping bill. yes i know it was just to get us in the shop, but its their money they are speding when they accept anothers vouchers. when i recieved my first dividend from the coop i was so impressed with the amount i had earned 1 pence. on tescos i was getting a hundred a year or so. we use both shops just like we did with summerfield.
  17. excellent cant argue about cost i worked out it was cheaper to fly the family to the U.S. than to manchester. im hoping the flybe will be cheaper. sorry man of kent only read the quotes of your message. but the facts are the same this little group of islands provides some of the best things in the world. even the weather is better than that in the south. and who knows with global warming it could be the costa reawick in 50 years time.
  18. im suprised that the man of kent is bothered with a web site about shetland if he hated it so much. we came to shetland for the work. having never been here it was a big gamble. what have we gained. : great schools, great communities(we were in the mossbank area for just under two years apart from some kids the community was great) we now are in a small crofting community even better. great views never dreamed that i could look out of my front door and have a view over the sea and lochs. great freedom not worried by crime. the moaners should think what they would prefer. let them run off to london and they will soon be moaning about that. im not saying that i love everything the winters are something that you just have to live through. but coming from lancashire ive had much colder wetter winters. so yes there are a lot more good things about shetland and shetlanders than negative. if the outside world found out how good it was up here you would be flooded with people.
  19. i thought the charitable trust had bought extra quota. if not why not then the shetland boats could borrow or hire buy it if they overfish
  20. bought a house this year quoted 1400 end up just over 2000. local solicitor still waiting for some or it to be sorted out. not impressed sold my other house in england for 400. somebody is laughing all the way to the bank and its not us.
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