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  1. however when an eu presidential type gets there knickers in a knot over a no deal Brexit. then maybe its the best option. no deal no pay. border with ireland and the north two lanes one for Irish/brits another for all others. and why should there not be a border? should we leave it open so all other europeans could bypass our customs? and again why should we do ireland any favours. we agreed free movement not free customs.
  2. oh they are. itsan excellent site but caution as it uses secondary sources. some of the smaller local sites are really amazing. ive been using one for tadley in hampshire it has the parish records photo indexes and trees of every family and attached family announcements. odin is my 56th great-grandfather and adam is 82nd great-grandfather sadly its now thatthe monks liked to fib. they liked to make a hairly saxon warlord appear more godly.
  3. so your a descendant of woden/odin. congrats george. assuming the anglo Saxon chronicles were telling the truth.
  4. no very few are hereditary. most are life peers. we have to have a second chamber the choice is more elections and you could just end up with duplicate control. maybe it's not perfect but its worked. maybe give it more power to veto laws. why change just for the sake of change. but maybe stop the party nominations.
  5. ive bought it every week since we came up. never missed a week. but now ive stopped £1.50 is too much. i know price always rise but its been shooting up the last few years.
  6. ive been with ancestry for over 10 years. no problems. however, i would also back up to something independent.
  7. paulb


    why not cull them in winter. at least the ermine could be sold. if you bump off the polecat then the bunny population will go mad. maybe have a few rabbit/polecat/rat catchers.
  8. paulb


    snh dont know. just that it was.
  9. paulb


    as all land mammals are introduced species it would be a sad shetland if they were all removed. are we to remove humans as we kill loads with our cars ect. hedgehogs are in decline nationally lets protect ours. now rats are becoming more common and pose a bigger problem.
  10. cost. repairs become harder.
  11. not had any since we moved up here. i object to the price.but its cruel on the animals. oh and rachel too. i remember the bonfire nights with the smog smelling of sulfar.
  12. i dont know orkneys prehistoric ruins are still roofed. why cant shetland build better.
  13. paulb


    why bother. then you would have more of a rabbit issue.
  14. they should. there seems to be a problem with shetland asking for stuff. a new hospital as well would be a good idea.
  15. if the health board had the money they would. they have had funding cuts for a number of years, they cant even fund there services they are in the red and its not likely to change.
  16. paulb

    Sea Scouts

    due to the glacial rebound sea levels are rising by 5mm a year. does not sound much but its constant in the last 2000 years its risen 33ft.
  17. however greenland's ice will. and the dump of freshwater could stop the gulf stream. which would make living in shetland interesting.
  18. if the op is still on the forum https://www.shb.scot.nhs.uk/vacancies/documents/17399_AD.pdfwould save you traveland money.
  19. not a chance nigel. you may get a bit of rented croft land but thats all. no building at that price.
  20. therese stuff like this but even that with foundations fitting and fixtures is going tobe over 50k https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/residential-log-cabin-nantes-66mm.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw5ZPcBRBkEiwA-avvk2SYTk55N9Kr0yCFQ_CAgSHRAmDw6m4yWvnS0GNwmNoQOWxjvCoddxoC3tkQAvD_BwEand i have my doubts about how long it wouls survive up here.
  21. odd not noticed any difference. must be that bad it cant get worse
  22. it does seem unfair single adults are treated differently because of sex. the councils south have stamped down on fake/relettings why cant shetland it may just provide enough housing to meet some of the demand. seems madness to be wasting over 400 a month on an empty house. if subletting then that should be treated as fraud.
  23. and if found out likely to lose the house and possibly face prosecution as well as depriving someone that really needs it.
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