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  1. if you do work in the care sector you wont be able to use your nursing skills. yes its stupid but they simply don't. there should be plenty of bank work
  2. there is a job going for a band 6 district nurse in yell at the moment. you wont get overtime. however you will be on call. it can be lonely. even with family.
  3. why are you so worried about a racist english nationalist
  4. thats what they are hoping for.
  5. oscar wildes reply is always a good one.
  6. until his health goes then it would be a different matter. nhs shetland are doing what the london hospitals have been doing for years. for example guys gets 3 million a year.
  7. where do you think the drunks that the police wont detain end up. the number of drink related admissions are high. the number of drink related illnesses and deaths are extremely high thats why its an issue for the nhs
  8. and an intresting delay today. ferry delayed by killer whales.
  9. its not just a little more complex when nursing.
  10. it will normally be between 8.30 and 4.30 however it can be upto 9.30pm with on calls overnight that must be reached within 2 hours. there will be weekend working and bank holidays work. just as a new person to shetland it may be better to stay in the north of the mainland and once sure your staying then move to yell.
  11. play nice. stop Ossing to be Myen on Fowk At dont Known Jow Gab Jow Myen Fowk.
  12. what does a yank know about shetland. experience of intelligence is not require for the charity trust.
  13. its important to note in winter the ferry can be cancelled. you may be lone working and some patients will be time sensitive. you will be working either christmas day or new years day not sure the ferry sails. its going to cost £13.60 per day.
  14. remember late sifts and weekend working. ps wife is a district nurse if you need help im sure she will be happy to help. are you the band 6 if so there is a vacancy in yell. there may be nfs housing available at mossbank dont buy straight off
  15. muckin you say burning clean plastic. this stuff is going to be recycled is it. has anyone asked who is going to take it as china has refused now. at what cost and co2 cost. trucks boats more trucks. it could be better to burn it locally than take it south for recycling.
  16. unless there is a serious case of inbreeding i see the same person 3 times in that image
  17. wellour little 5 kw 3. something grid connected has saved us thousands since its been installed. so how the others have not done the same seems odd. its cut our leky bill by a 1/2 so its taking load off the main generators.
  18. looking at the picture it looked unsafe. one strong storm and it would have been blown about. we know he is up to something.if he is desperate to go sailing he gets 4 ferry passes for free.
  19. it took out our rear bumper when we were parked there. but we did not report it to tesco. maybe the bus company did. may have been other incidents. something must have sparked it. tesco does have a duty to reduce risk if they dont their insurance will not cove them. but ourincident was near two years back. so i wonder if they have hit someone else.
  20. im sorry to say that we were crashed into by your mini bus last year. i suspect its one reason why they are not now allowed. if there was a spot to park up near by then it would be fine. maybe lose a few disabled or mother and child spots. the bus must be allowed to pick up and drop off near the doors. but the main car park is not suitable for buses.
  21. about 45 million for a 6km tunnel not bad.http://tunnelbuilder.com/News/Nordoya-Tunnel-Opens-in-Faroe-Islands.aspx
  22. it can take a time to be done. wifes car was parked at tesco and a bus knocked off her front bumper it took a month to fix. if dependent on insurance for a backup car you could be stranded it takes at least 24 hours to get a hire car. aa/rac is daft to we all know its jims that pick the cars up. never been sorted on the road yet. but they insist on their script. so it does no harm to be aware they will faff about for about an hour before jims is contacted.
  23. islam is were Christianity was 700 years back its just that our nuts were restricted because of lack of communication and transport. nowt isis has done has not been done in Christs name. none of it is based on the real faith just mans desire for power and control. most people of faith or none are perfectly normal and nice people. i hate fear mongers.
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