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  1. sorry my numbers were out a little it will be 29 billion per new nuclear power station. for that we could cover 1/2 of the uk in solar build millions of turbines and rebuild leaky houses to super insulated ones. we are planning to spend just under £500 quid per person for one power station. the rubbish of trying to say china will fund it is rubbish. we will be paying and added interest as well. and in 50 odd years we will be required to decommission and store deadly waste for millions of years. we still dont know were to store our waste from the 1960s. you may not like turbines and some dont but you do need to realize there is no choice its needed for our future energy need.
  2. a large turbine farm will be built. it may not be by us but it will be built. as will one on yell fetlar and unst. alternative is what. 2 billion pound power plants.
  3. full adaptable. just close your eyes. it will make your journey more fun if brief.
  4. your forgetting the bomb at sullom voe. its quite possible its still a target. but dont be silly over turbines. ive still a few tin foil hats if you need one.
  5. bixters still not installed properly. bollards still around it.
  6. you want to alter stuff join in and it may just improve sit on the side moaning you will achieve nowt.
  7. james come and join in with the folks at Viking. its probably the best way your concerns can be met. if they wont work with you that will tell a lot. re siting if you were working along side them and one was very badly placed it would be easier to adapt it than just complain. if your not impressed by proposed route of tracks suggest an alternative route. we need it to be built to tje best possible standard. your group could make it a lot better. if ian is a member it may be wise not to be walking near an active slip. you just cant tell if its finished. it seems odd for a pool to have formed on a ridge was it a past peat cut.
  8. james i agree its not easy. now i have no connection with VE but i would expect once they are planning the route of the roads they will need to undertake an in-depth study and plan carefully. it wont or should not be one type of system to cope with the conditions. obviously they will need to import experts and plan to insure that environmental conditions are preserved. ive seen first hand how our weather and peat based soils are dynamically active. scottish nature is one such body Suffererof1crankymofo
  9. paulb


    use their rules against them. they like all of them dont like being called out. your are correct loads of in forced silence in the council police courts and health. was amazed at first how bent they are. it is surprising how incompetent and self protective they are. be careful they bite back. just dont remain silent.
  10. i would be amazed if those "bus drivers" did not know the state of the planes they use multiple times a day. even a bus driver will be able to tell when their transport is not up to scratch.
  11. yes its a very old way of building tracks/roads/railways across peat. its not ideal for sloping peat. the most important bit is to try and not alter the water flow in it. peat is in itself unstable and if the conditions are right it will slip. as witnessed a few years back. its a red herring being used to try and stop viking. just look at a steep section of peat you will see loads of slips. most are not connected to man made structures. we do hear a load of doom mongering but they never say how they are planning to restore it. or in the case of our old friend the whimbrel how they are planning to improve their breeding areas. if nowt is done it will stop breeding in shetland.
  12. http://www.snh.org.uk/pdfs/strategy/renewables/Good%20practice%20during%20windfarm%20construction.pdf
  13. you really dont know what your talking about. http://www.imcg.net/media/download_gallery/books/gprm_01.pdf http://www.qpani.org/documents/PeatlandRestorationguidelinesfinal.pdf http://www.climatexchange.org.uk/reducing-emissions/carbon-benefits-peatland-restoration/ http://www.gret-perg.ulaval.ca/uploads/tx_centrerecherche/Restoration-Guide_2nd_2003_01.pdf http://www.snh.gov.uk/docs/A1453979.pdf http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/peatlands no experts really.
  14. a road can both cause and prevent a slip. you really need to prevent either drying or wetting of the natural peat water levels. a simple example badly planned drains will either dry or over soak a peat moss. preventing a pooling of water by not damming the flow of water in the peat. conversely causing a drying to happen will kill the moss and result in a dead eco system. the experts employed to plan and build tje roads will know this or i hope they do. https://corporate.vattenfall.co.uk/globalassets/uk/projects/south-kyle/ocms-1-road-and-wind-turbine-construction.pdffrom page 8 onwards.
  15. if they say they are not safe should they fly them. very concerning
  16. and your plan to restore the peat is. the peat in most of Shetland is a net emitter of co2. its been abused for over 2,000 years and its not in a good state. http://www.whiteleewindfarm.com/habitat_management_plan_0now were is your plan.
  17. 0.7 download and 0.26 upload. wonder why we are paying more than you.
  18. its not the first time access roads have been built on deep sloping peat. as your aware peat around the half way house is in a poor condition. the restoration program would assist in preventing any more decay. and lets face it its not wind turbines thats caused the damage. i assume the crofter/farmers are not planning on paying to restore the moor. if it not returned to a better state expect more and more slides.
  19. was in tesco today noticed 4kg frozen goose selling for £15. if your keen i would say buy one now for Christmas.
  20. ​ive had a similar problem with family search im not a fan of others just altering your tree. unless your family links to Stirlingshire with the use of JOHNSDAUGHTER, i would be more inclined to believe they are Shetlanders.
  21. Then the Scottish Government should be hammering hell out of Westminster to get funding increased, not sitting wringing their hands and whingeing about how hard done by they are. They're there to address the region's problems positively, not lounge back and point the finger of blame while doing nothing about the situation. so you want the snp to protect services you dont believe in. after all you 2 claim yo have voted ukip. but dont worry a few more years of tory power and you wont need to worry about a&e care. snp prevented the bedroom tax and is doing as much as it can to prevent our services from being destroyed.
  22. an anp is equal to a junior doctor. its not the snp thats cut funding its your pals in power. scottish gov has had a 10%cut due another 20%. as far as nosey parkerness comes in you take the biscuit.
  23. she fell on sunday was seen by her GP and was strapped up. she was in pain so went to the hospital on a bank holiday monday. her doctor did not send her. so she was correctly told to return on a standard work day. definitely not a case for calling in staff. as they dont say its broken and they would have done if it was. it would make the story more news worthy. so apart from a possible poor conversation we only have her word for it. there was no miss treatment or even poor service. this story is not really a story. sprains are often more painful than brakes. a day after is when it will hurt most. as is the ability to walk on it.
  24. she was seen and deemed none urgent. none urgent means it can wait i dont know if they were correct neither do you. if you think everyone needs an urgent xray due to a minor foot injury your mistaken. if a clinician believes an injury warrants investigation it will be. thereare 2 issues here clinical need and financial ability. its not always wise to just xray everyone. most foot injuries are strains and sprains the a&e staff see many each week. those amounts are a rough idea of a procedures cost. £2.75 is the cost of your national insurance stamp. you do pay it i hope. the board are not funded to run 24/7 none urgent treatments. i would advice you look at the funding of the hospital services. they have been cut and face another 20% of cuts. and its not the Scottish governments fault its your Tory mates fault. in fact if a person is sent to xray and the reason does not warrant it they will be refused. until the patients notes are seen this debate is pointless.
  25. i did not want to spend the weekend in a hospital bed waiting for monday. my condition was stable and controlled by meds. i convinced the consultant that to allow me to be at home. i maybe dumb but even i would not discharge my self with an active cardiac problem. simply put i cant cope with public space for more than a brief limited time. i knew the risks and i took them. a gp is often over ruled by a hospital doctor/nurse. they have the correct skill set to judge a persons condition. try it day after day and you may decide its not wise to always call someone in. as you discovered if the clinician decides you need it you will be xrayed. the issue here is was the patient care correct if it was were is the story. the nurse obviously mismanaged informing the patient. so you believe in shouting it still does not mean you need an xray then and there. if you believe £2.75 pays for your care you clearly living in the past. http://www.sdhct.nhs.uk/uploads/23968.pdfis a very rou gh idea of costs. even if you went to the duty manager if the clinicians judgement is correct you would still be waiting. none knows the real story here. odds are its somewhere in between the papers story and what the hospital said. lastly a minor brake will show better after a day or two its why your re xrayed if you attend the fracture clinic. if it was a mistake then the doctor/nurse will need to learn from it. but even with the best equipment brakes can be missed.
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