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  1. The MoT only ensures the safety of the vehicle for one day. I should have phrased that differently. When your referring to your mode of travel as a "vehicle" or "car" that takes it into statutory realms. "Driving" a "vehicle" is a commercial venture hence the statutory realm. Its a private conveyance for the purpose of travel, that’s common law jurisdiction. Anything can be insured, it just wont be as u normally would in this case.
  2. Yes you can be insured! An insurance company can insure you for anything they wish. He just wont be in the same folder as other car users. Stop trying to scare everyone. The system is corrupt and riddled with expensive paperwork and he is the only one doing something to fight it. An MOT is only valid for the day it taken.
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/8584210/The-IPCC-declares-Greenpeace-in-our-time.html This about sums up the complete waste of time money and effort windmills are. They are not going to make one bit of difference for anyone, apart from those who collect rent for having them on their land. Wind doesnt blow all the time!!!! I'm sure its been mentioned.
  4. So there's no need for so many windmills up here then. If there is already saturation then lets reduce the number.
  5. Police discover cannabis factory then some of the haul gets stolen back!! I would just like to add my support for the £15,000 worth of justice, that has been had over the powers that be.[/url]
  6. What if I were young or old, how old is young, do you mean in the mind or physically speaking? Irrelevant as it is. Point is you are assisting organised crime when you enforce these drug laws. ^^And this somehow makes what they do (or not do) ok?? You avoid the point of the topic. The facts are there. Legalise and control. ^^No I never meant some secret society, if i had meant that i would have said so, I wouldn't be afraid to chat about secret societies. Your tone implies that believing that secret societies exist is somehow amusing. They do exist and its well known in Shetland that a good handshake can go along way. (secret society or a society with secrets bandi how you wish) "society in general" you say. I specified Society legally speaking. such as your law society which its assumed in court that we all stand under. I'm not a part of this society you speak of. What’s its name? I can't remember signing up to that. Create a lawful one and i'll jump on that band wagon.
  7. Not my society by any means. If you cannot name your society then you are not part of it. I am quite happy not to be able to name any society that I am in any way involved or apart of. Legally speaking of course. You take it correctly; I am active in, unfortunately the only avenue available, the letter writing in support of change for the better. It’s just a shame that your society see fit to pursue a course of action which is so evidently wrong. Your lack of opinion and non-response to the subject matter only goes to show how deeply flawed the system is from the core. You are in a position of ability to change the system from within and not just go with grain. Stats and Promotions mean more than what is right. My utter contempt for such Corporations is indescribable. You might not be on the street, you might be CID and spend most of your time dealing with the apprehension of paedophile rings but no matter where you are in the your system, you hold power over peoples’ lives and common sense (I pray) must prevail.
  8. I do hope Sherlock is doing his best to inform his local council and upward of the benefits to the ability to police properly, should the legalisation of drugs take place. I'm sure he will no doubt say something to the effect of "I am none partisan, my job is to carry out the requirements of legal statutes no matter how detrimental they are to the society I am helping to destroy, ahem!! I mean to protect and that is all I am obligated under my oath to do. hypathetically speaking". I dont think the powers that be want the problem to end, far to much money in private prisons and laundering the money for them to just cut off a steady supply of profit.
  9. Wheres my Panda? Did the panda make it up here? http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/2011/March/news/Lets%20switch%20off%20the%20lights.htm
  10. Would this be a reason to halt Council Tax payments, or at least take a portion off it? I've been in that situation a few times, relying on bottled water for everything but you don't expect that on dry land.
  11. Just found this video of a proposed border weapon. http://www.reuters.com/news/video/story?videoId=187406842&videoChannel=2602
  12. The cruelty that comes with the Climate Change Religion. It's so evident with my own child, the conditioning that's going on in his school. An example of the madness which probably isn't so uncommon: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/quebec-boy-punished-bringing-eco-unfriendly-ziploc-sandwich-bag-school/story?id=12815697
  13. Got a phone call from some IT services guy. Talking about a virus problem which is predominantly rife in Shetland. I wasn't too forthcoming with info as I thought it was a scam call and hadn't heard about it. I told him I had Linux then he just hung up without telling me any more. My own fault for being so cautious. Anyone able to enlighten? (***Mod Edit - Merged with a couple of similar threads and changed the topic to make it more generic***)
  14. Fractional Reserve Banking doing what it does best.
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