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  1. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/aberdeen-aberdeenshire/3804981/co-op-urges-council-to-reject-macduff-aldi-plans-amid-fears-over-huge-losses/?fbclid=IwAR3PFFFTY6BnnNzf5pAZkugRc49gBFQSsjAh0QwxPuGjz6UqcSCfTo-h4Pc bit of a joke to see the coop campaigning against new stores opening
  2. If you look at the first page of Globus Group , right down at the bottom, you will clearly see who is part of them. Oh, and "2015 - 2020" is written beside it. Their head office is at T2 Trafford Point, Twining Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1SH, England. The head office of Globus Group, who own Globus (Shetland) Ltd, has never moved south, they can't, because that's where they come from and hopefully it's where they'll stay. i suggest you check companies houes you will find globus group does not exist because it is trading name 2015-2020 refers to the period they are claming ownership of the copyright for the website that address is not there registered office but infact the location they run mainland sales from a big difference below is there registration with companies house feel free to post the registration of globus group https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/SC149147 https://globusgroup.com/
  3. Globus (Shetland) Ltd is owned by Globus Group. Their headquarters address is Trafford Point, T2, Twining Rd, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1SH, England. Perhaps you could explain the relevance? globus group is a trading name of globus shetland ltd not sure how you come by the idea it owns globus shetland there website does not say this anywhere? infact next to the address it says © globus shetland ltd
  4. Wow it looks like shetland is the hub of tory brown envelope contracts. https://bylinetimes.com/2020/09/16/company-conservative-donations-government-ppe-procurement-deal/
  5. laying the ground for retirement from politics and onto the consultancy gracy train instead
  6. completely agree as shops empty they should be allowed to convert to residential some of the ones at the south end near the queens have been granted permission of late such as the spiders web.
  7. they are not franchising it out because it was making money post office counters have been very open about the fact that crown offices cost more to run than they make in commission this was definetly advertised also post office counters has not been privatised
  8. back again knocking on peoples doors trying to convince them there roof needs cleaned
  9. where is this lerwick plant everybody speaks about
  10. i think the company now operating from the x factory may have something to say about it being empty
  11. surely its the closest site on the mainland to all the fish farms in the north isles?
  12. we dont get any scent at our house in scalloway and we have the net washer qa fish market and a salmon factory within 100 metres of our door
  13. If memory serves, all the flags currently on the Street were imported from outwith Shetland, which maybe gives some clue to the thinking and mentality behind whoever makes decisions on such things. Again, if memory serves, the missing ones were those which worked loose in use. The last I can recall them being mentioned was several years ago, when those who are supposed to know about such things advised that the tarmac was temporary while they undertook a 'experiment' in an area of 'similar traffic' somewhere at Gremista, of bedding flags in a selection of base materials to establish which was the most resilient to loosening. What happened, who knows.........Its been a long time. I heard someplace the Council has massive carpets, so its understandable that what may have been swept under them, takes a very long time to re-appear.....I guess. best thing that could happen is they replace the flags with tar flags are outdated and impractical just the same as shops dont deliveries from a horse and cart times change we cant live in the past
  14. if you order from argos through jw gray they will deliver
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