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  1. I did phone lately and was told that it was a walk in clinic and that there could be a long wait due to doctor shortage. Asked if I could make an appointment as it was non-urgent, but they couldn't give a pre-booked appointment until April! When I have used (or been subjected to!) the triage system, it has worked in that the doctor usually phones back relatively quickly and you do usually get an appointment the same day. However this system is no use if you are going out to work or whatever and can't hang around waiting for a phone call. If you're at work or whatever, you also really don't want to be discussing your problem where other people can hear, so I feel that it's only a good system if you are able to wait at home for the call. I also really objected to having to give receptionists details of the problem, although last time I phoned I was simply asked if it was urgent or non-urgent, so hopefully they have stopped that practice. However my main bugbear with the Lerwick Health Centre is actually getting through in the first place. I have tried phoning from 8.30 onwards when it's supposed to be open, only to get a recorded message say that it isn't open so they're either late or haven't switched over from the night service. I also feel that the phone rings too long before you get the message to say you're in the queue. I noticed that the phone rang for over a minute last time before I got that message - thought it was good practice for all calls to be answered within four rings? And I seem to remember that one day I was on hold for 35 mins before I got to the front of the queue. I can see how people end up giving up! It really is a poor service. (By the way - I'm not a hypochondriac! I just have bairns that seem to keep getting things that require attention - I haven't been to the doctor for years)
  2. If what is said is true, then I would say it's a clear breach of the code of conduct policy so what I would expect to happen. Surely if you have an issue with your employer, it would be sensible to deal with it through the appropriate channels in the first place?
  3. The taxman got his 40% cut.
  4. I understand this is a commercial investment, not a charitable one, so more to do with making money rather than treating everyone 'fairly'.
  5. Thought it was a great night out even if he didn't play that long. Don't really understand the whinging about the price - the costs involved in bringing these acts here must be really high. And after all, what can you get for 20 quid nowadays - couple of rounds of drink in the pub, or a takeaway, or 36 toilet rolls.....
  6. Well done Clickimin - excellent day. Any chance of getting the 'Barbra Streisand' video online?
  7. I tend to agree with Jonathan on this one (although definitely not in the way he conducts his business). However, from what I can see, the Council's hands are tied on this one - it is enshrined in law. Maybe all of us who have views on it should be lobbying our MSPs for a change in legislation as this really is an archaic practice. And maybe we should be letting our views known to our Councillors so that they at least know there is some dissent in the community about this. (There are however also non-elected representatives on other Council bodies who have a vote and there never seems to be a stooshie about them!) Regarding the Christian youth camp - thankfully my bairns are not yet of the age where they can attend this. In a way I find it difficult - I'm an atheist but don't want to force my views on my bairns. However I absolutely could not allow my bairns to go away with strangers for a week (or whatever it is) and effectively allow them to be 'groomed'. Regardless of what the organisers say, it is called a Christian youth camp for a reason, and the fact that bairns themselves appear to have been concerned about some aspects of it makes me wonder just how persuasive (for want of a better word) the people who run this are? I do know of one of them (although I don't know if still involved or not) and I certainly wouldn't be happy letting that person loose with my bairns at an impressionable age as I am aware how strong that person's views are (although no doubt others will be less staunch). However I also know several people whose bairns have gone to it and they thought it was the best thing ever. I know the bairns can make up their own minds but I do just worry about the fact that it is such an impressionable age group. But what I do take issue with is the fact (of which I was previously unaware) that they are allowed into school classrooms to promote this. I don't mind leaflet drops or whatever, but I very much doubt that other organisations or groups would be allowed into schools to promote their activities in this way. If this continues, I will certainly be complaining to the school/Hayfield - it's a very dubious practice I feel.
  8. I know that Brian Morrison (accordion player) was playing last Thurs and Fri night, and I think he plays there most Sat nights, if that's any help. He's usually accompanied with a drummer.
  9. Of course - but apparently beekeepers can do things to influence their flight paths and feed them in certain ways to help reduce deposits, thereby minimising neighbour nuisance!
  10. What kind of band - traditional?
  11. Bee 'deposits' are not 'devastating' but just very, very annoying. Especially when you have hung out a line of nice clean washing and find it covered in yellow marks. It's also of a waxy consistency so doesn't come off easily and all has to be washed again (sometimes more than once). It's also infuriating when your house windows and car get covered in these yellow marks and even more infuriating when the beekeeper won't acknowledge the problem and try and do anything about it. (According to beekeeping guidelines there are various steps you can take to try and help minimise neighbour nuisance). Yes, I know we need bees but I'm a bit of a nimby and just wish people wouldn't keep them in built up areas! (Apparently the variety of flowers in the town produce better honey but I wouldn't know as I have boycotted Shetland honey in protest!).
  12. Purely from my own experience, I would have to disagree with that and I'm pretty certain I've read many articles etc which claim that vegetarian diets can be cheaper. Not that this really has anything to do with this thread so apologies for deviating! I still cannot see why LPA should take a stance just because some people disagree with what this organisation represents - we are all entitled to express our views after all. If I disagree with BP's practices, purely for example, should I go huffing and puffing to LPA asking them to ban them?
  13. If you do start keeping them, please make sure you are far away from any neighbours so that they don't have to put up with 'deposits' all over their houses, cars, laundry....
  14. Where on earth do you get this from? I'm vegetarian and would argue that a vegetarian diet is considerably cheaper than a non-vegetarian one (just check any restaurant menu for price comparisons!). I don't see why LPA should be expected to take any sort of stand. If these people are paying their harbour dues then they are just as entitled to use the harbour as anyone else - whether or not you agree with what they stand for. And as for the organisation not getting involved with bullfighting etc protests - as someone earlier pointed out, the clue is in the title!
  15. I had a great night. Did see some people there I know with primary age children, and I didn't think it was appropriate but I suppose it's their call. And the bar shut five minutes before the performance started (as was stated on the signs in the centre) so I don't know if it's right about it running out of beer!
  16. Shetlandlass - you have hit the nail on the head there. Wish people would consider the wider picture. Trowie - I'm not 100% sure about this so correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it is the case that Lerwick schools have two teachers to a P1/2 class. It's my understanding that the Lerwick schools had to get permission from the Council to employ an extra teacher as they otherwise couldn't meet the national requirements for class sizes for P1/2. Ie - the number of children would have been divided amongst the teachers if you see what I mean. If the numbers fall below the national maximum, the extra teachers would be removed. Lerwick is no different from the country schools in this respect, however much other people would like to try and imply that it is somehow favoured over other areas. I personally cannot see how it can be classed as equality of provision to keep schools running with less than ten or twenty pupils, but for Lerwick children to be taught in a class of 25 (or sometimes more as far as I understand). Going on to the subject of the AHS, when I was there, there were 1,000+ pupils. Now there are additional spaces, 200-300 fewer pupils and there is suddenly no room......?
  17. I'm no expert, but I think that the display of election posters is permitted providing they follow certain guidelines. Different local authorities over Scotland have different policies, and I think there are some areas that don't allow their display on Council owned property. As far as I'm aware, the party who displayed the poster has the responsibility for taking it down, but I don't know who would enforce that in practice! Why remove them unless they are causing a public nuisance or safety hazard? I don't particularly care for them one way or the other, but I have no problem with people wishing to advertise - whatever it may be!
  18. I agree that the ten tickets per person policy was too much - wonder how many people bought ten just to sell them on nearer the time? I had so much hassle with the website today. I got as far as getting everything in my basket, then when I went to pay it crashed. Then I couldn't get back in because it was busy. When I eventually got back in, it told me that my tickets had been reallocated because they had been in my basket too long (which was wrong - there was still another half an hour before it should have expired). Then I got as far as entering my credit card details and it seemed to process the payment, but then I got a message saying there was a problem with the basket. Eventually I lost out on the Levellers tickets which I'm so annoyed about, and I have a horrible feeling I will have ended up with twice the number of Bjorn Again ones than I need! Will have to check the credit card statement when it comes!
  19. I seem to remember reading somewhere that in the UK, chocolate has to have X% of cocoa solids in it before it can be classified as chocolate (can't remember the figure). However in the US it is a lower percentage (or maybe there is no such ruling?), so their chocolate has less cocoa solids in it (and therefore, IMHO, tastes disgusting).
  20. Sorry Doodle - this wasn't meant as a dig at your comment. It's just what I say whenever anyone asks me about it! Would hate to be held 'responsible' should it not work for someone!
  21. I had mine done several years ago at Optimax in Glasgow - best money I ever spent. I'm not sure if they still do the procedure I had - it was the one where they burn through the eye (PRK maybe?) rather than cut the flap and burn underneath it (sorry - I'm so technical!). Had a bit of bother afterwards as my eyes got inflamed so I had to wear sunglasses and sit in the dark for about a week after! But the results were brilliant - I could barely read the top letter of the eye chart before I had it done. The only thing that annoys me now is that if I am attending a presentation or at the pictures, and there are light letters on a dark background, then the letters have a bit of a halo around them and I don't like looking at them for too long. A small price to pay as far as I'm concerned. Having said that, I wouldn't go as far as 'recommending' it to you as (as is the case with every form of surgery) there are risks attached and a small minority of people for whom it doesn't work! They do drum that into you at the time to cover themselves.
  22. One of my friends was saying that her daughter had asked her cousin (who lives in the area) exactly why it was that he didn't want to go to the AHS, and he said that he didn't really care. It was just that his parents had told him he wasn't to go. And another friend who does live in the area says that she doesn't mind where her bairns end up going, but she daren't say so in public as she thinks she will be ostracised by the community!
  23. Maybe all our bairns would have higher all round educational achievement rates if there was a more equitable distribution of educational resources in Shetland.
  24. I wasn't there personally, but heard from a friend that there was a several xenophobic comments (ie anti-toonie) bandied about at the public meeting in Scalloway re the proposed closure, and there were certainly a number of comments in a similar vein on the proposed closure topic on this forum. So if you give, you have to learn to take in return... The UHA Bill is what it is, and most of the people referred to on it accept it in the spirit in which it was written - a lighthearted (albeit not always funny) dig at events that have gone on over the last year (that is pretty quickly forgotten about). Doesn't Scalloway have one then? I'm pretty certain it would be similar if it does?! (And no, I wouldn't get my knickers in a twist about it).
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