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  1. It has come to my notice that recently there has been mention of repopulating the islands. My son who comes here for holidays and to visit me has said that he would like to relocate to the Shetland isles on a permanent basis. This would be a win situation for the isles as he can drive tankers/hgvs, he would also bring his  four small daughters and his wife who is a teacher in training. He has written to various employers and there are jobs available but he would need a council house. He has also written to various councillors and received replies but they could not offer any assistance. I do realize that there is a waiting list for council houses but I do find it strange that our councillors are looking at ways to bring foreign nationals here as I assume that they will require council houses. Could we have some sort of merit system in place to cater for off islanders to come here and bring with them needed skills and children to start the next generation. I look forward to all your comments.

  2. I note that a large amount of heroin has been intercepted and that is good but if you look at the worldwide figures for deaths from heroin against worldwide figures for deaths from smoking drinking why are these substance users not being targeted.

  3. Hello. As my house has underfloor electric heating which does not work if there is a power cut I am considering some type of gas heater so I would be grateful for any advice/information as regards running costs type of gas etc. I did consider wood burning but as you need installation and also the cleaning and getting wood this option does not seem the best.

  4. Cards/Digital entry on passports etc are coming whether you like it or not as airports and countries will require documentation to travel. Why the fear of I.D. cards as I am sure that even Mr Putin knows what we all had for dinner. I think that considering the time that we have had to study this virus we have done very well with producing a vaccine. I am sure that better vaccines will come but is there such a thing as a 100% effective vaccine. I would also like to advise anyone who has refused the vaccine to think again as this virus is not a nice way to die and some of the after effects are not nice either. I speak from experience. It may also be a good idea if those of you who rubbish the vaccine would keep your negative thoughts to yourself as you may sway the undecided to not take the vaccine. It would be interesting to see if the people who shout about the vaccine being dangerous or not effective actually took it themselves. Before the English language experts jump in and criticise my spelling/punctuation I do apologize for any mistakes.

  5. Hello, I know that this is probable the wrong place to post this but i want it to get maximum coverage. Would the person who bought a violin/fiddle from Mr Ewen Thomson in 2013, I believe that it was a lady, please get in touch with me and she will hear something to her advantage, Thank you.

  6. Hello Muckle Oxters, Thank you for your input. I do agree with you that it could be expensive to put a heat pump in and if you were young you may be able to get it back over a long period due to it being perhaps cheaper to run but I am not young so the propane could be the best option, I have had no other info. as yet. It would only be used on very cold days.

  7. i need to heat a small shed about 3m x 3m. if anybody has done this can they advise me as to the best way to do it / I have discounted wood burners so i am left with propane electric radiator or a small heat pump, I  favour the heat pump and if that is your advise can you tell me who is the best person to speak to about it, thank you.

  8. Well said aaa22 / as i said earlier drive with care and attention / If people can not cope with a simple junction such as this they should not be on the road / If they ever drive on the mainland how would they cope with some of the junctions there / I think that there is a case for people who pass a test here being made to pass another on the mainland if they are going to drive there.

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