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  1. Hello, Can you tell me the name and meaning of the kanji character,thank you.
  2. Colin / You are 100% correct / I have been saying this for years / It is so nice to hear some one else say it.
  3. Well said Urabug / We should not be frightened to say what we want to say.
  4. Hello all / Do stop this bickering as we are all in this together.
  5. There is a book in the library called STOLEN ISLES by STUART HILL. I have read it and found it most interesting and would say that anyone interested in the history of Shetland should read it. It is at times a bit heavy but if you stick at it by the end you will have learned some thing and most definitely had your eyes opened.
  6. Hi, What do people think of the practise of crowd funding.
  7. Hello, Bulb seem to be more than a broker sitting in an office, if you look at their website you may find it interesting.
  8. Hello, I would be interested in hearing opinions and experiences of people who have changed suppliers. I have two meters. I am looking for the best way to get cheaper electricity. Thank you.
  9. hi there, at least you can understand the post by tarsus, what someone with English as a second language thinks of it I dread to think, his spelling is good as well. if our kids went to the mainland speaking like this they would never get a job as nobody would understand them.
  10. Where will your honesty box be situated.
  11. cicero


    hello / thanks for all the information /
  12. cicero


    hello / advice needed / what would be the best place for someone to go to to get breakfast after coming off the boat from Aberdeen / before they go to their hotel/bb / she does not want breakfast on the boat / she has transport / thank you
  13. publishing a tax return does not show if money has been put away in a tax evasion scheme
  14. have a look at THE WEE HOUSE COMPANY / the land etc is extra / getting a very small piece of land with services is the problem
  15. no chance of the roof collapsing, there is more chance of the normal roof blowing off / a dome on the ground can carry a lot of weight
  16. I should have said that you can insulate the outside then cover them with small rocks, all we need is a group and a landowner who would like to move on a few acres of useless land, plenty of that here. the site would have to be close to electricity and a water supply, you would use septic tanks, you could start small and add on in later years and they are much cheaper than conventional build
  17. has anybody out there thought about getting a piece of land and with like minded people building a few tiny homes as seen on the tv program of that name. put green magic homes into your computer and that might give you a few ideas
  18. hello / is anybody out there interested in the building of tiny houses as seen on the tv series of that name either here or on the uk mainland
  19. there is a big black and white feral cat that has decided that tinned food is better than rabbits and birds and comes every night at 5pm and every morning at 8pm for food
  20. the speling and gramir on thes site is dicgrasful
  21. it is all on Wikipedia,just put in scots language
  22. I know 4 gaelic speakers
  23. hello, I would like to learn this language. if there are a few who are fluent and some as myself with only the basics or any others who would like to learn could we have a meeting,if so please get in touch
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