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  1. Can anyone that has solar panels fitted or knows someone that has, give me some feedback on how effective they are in Shetland. I have been told that they cost on average £6K to £8K to have installed, is this accurate? Will the Hydro allow you a feed in tariff? What sort of return to they give? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. This is good advice. Even if the are using them to lean on!
  3. Well a very nice man from the council came and apologised for the disruption and the vehicles. Unfortunately they carried out a further repair to part of the road this morning using tar and chips and I now have a stream of wet tar running down into my car park and a little puddle of tar where I would normally park my car. I think we are beyond Tea, Biscuits and wee chat now!
  4. They are working on the opposite side of the road from my driveway
  5. You are probably right Frances but there are about 50 men (slight exageration) and I don't have that many cups and they are working so slowly already, if I give them tea and biscuits work will be at a standstill and they will be in my driveway for another night!
  6. I can't stand people taking Liberties! The Shetland Islands Council arrived today to do road repairs next to our house. They arrived with a Digger a Road Roller a Truck and a mobile traffic light trailer all of which they parked on my privately owned driveway thereby completely blocking it. Next they drag my hose pipe from my house across my yard connected to my tap on the side of my house to fill their road roller, without the common courtesy of asking permission. They then rumble across my tarmac with their road roller causing scrape marks. Then to add insult to injury they leave their mobile traffic light trailer, signage and cones in my driveway over night. Am I making too much of this? Or would this annoy anyone else?
  7. I know this is a little off topic but I think people need to know how rigid Serco Northlink are being with their rules. A friend of mine works away from the island through the week, he was coming back to Shetland to his family for the weekend. He gets caught up in the disruption at Heathrow and his flight ends up being delayed. He arrives at the Northlink Ferry Terminal in Aberdeen 5 mins after the deadline of 30 minutes before departure, the gang plank is still in place but they refuse him travel "Because he knows that he has to be there 30 minutes prior to departure" He looses a day with his family and he is back on the boat to Aberdeen tonight. Surely Serco Northlink can be more flexible. In the past with the previous company when I got delayed they allowed me to board 10 minutes prior to sailing, even with a car!
  8. I am not aware of any other frequent flier program that have points that expire, I assumed that you could keep building up the points you had earned and spend them whenever you wanted. I don't think Rewards 4 All is an appropriate name for what Flybe offer, "Rewards for those that fly with us a lot" might be better!
  9. Has anyone else had this happen to them.... I have just checked my Rewards 4 All account and found that Flybe have been deducting points from my balance over the last year due to the points being "exipred", I have never check the Terms & Conditions before so I don't know if this is an new T&C but it appears that the points are only valid for 2 years. So if you are like me and fly to Aberdeen about 7 times a year you will get 14 points in a two year period, you need 16 for a free flight, after two years though they start removing the points your earned (24 months previous) so you never get 16 points, as you earn a point one from 2 years ago is just expiring, my points are expiring before I get enough to use them!
  10. My Dad has a Gas conversion on his car but can only fill up when he is away South nowadays as J&K have given up selling autogas. It is just normal Propane. You would need an adapter to get the Gas out of a normal propane cylinder, the cylinder would need to be upside down and higher that the filler nozzle and you would probably not get much in the tank. Unless you have a compressor you can rig up
  11. Can anyone recommend a builder who can strip and re-harle my house and garden wall. Looking for someone who will do a good quick job. House is in Whiteness/Wesidale area. TIA
  12. The 24 hour fuel pump at Sutherlands Filling Station has been repaired and is working again. We are sorry to all those who have been inconvenienced by the delay in getting this repaired.
  13. Update - Tuesday 27th The 24 hour pump at Sutherlands Filling Station will be out of order until a spare part can be delivered and installed. Credit and Debit Cards can be taken again during normal working hours. Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.
  14. The Sutherlands Filling Station 24 hour fuel pump is out of order due to the power cuts yesterday. The company who supply and maintain the pumps (Tokheim) have been unable to repair the pump today and hope that their chief engineer will be able to repair it tomorrow (Tuesday 27th) The filling station will be open for cash transactions only from Tuesday 27th (see Shetland Times for opening hours) until the credit card system is repaired. We apologise for the inconvenience that this is causing.
  15. If I understand your question correctly, you want to know if you can connect your existing Sky box to a second TV in another room. The answer is yes, if you connect your sky box to your existing TV with the scart lead then you should have an RF output on your sky box that has nothing connected to it. You can run a coax cable from your Sky box to another TV and both will recieve the signal. The draw back is that you both have to watch the same channel and the channel has to be changed on the sky box. The other option is as has been mentioned, add a multi output LNB to your dish and run a new cable to a second decoder (sky box) connected to the second TV. Hope this helps.
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