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  1. I've just placed a For Sale ad but it's gone to Pets Etc instead of Miscellaneous. How do I transfer it?
  2. Hello I play the double bass and would like to join a folk group /fiddle group / jazz / ensemble / any other considered! I have over 30 years experience playing in a number of different genres, and would love to get involved locally. Let me know if you hear of anything.
  3. Just wondered if anyone could tell me in detail how to go about preparing and salting etc to make some Reestit mutton.
  4. Oh thanks, so it goes on automatically. I was thinking it worked a bit like Gumtree...
  5. Just trying to place an ad, I don't want to put phone number, but I can't seem to put the option 'contact advertiser directly'. How exactly do I do that?
  6. Just wondered if you ever got sorted with raw food here? We have 4 dogs that have been brought up on a mostly raw diet (down south). I used to get a bulk delivery frozen tripe, turkey , lamb. I've had to put them on kibble until I can get a good supply here. Would be interested to hear from you.
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