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  1. latest rumour just in :- Mossbank legend Danny Inkster has been showing an interest in Emergency Services , but just doesn't know who to phone.
  2. There was a rumour going around that Gary Wiseman had smiled, but it turned out to be wind.
  3. Good Luck boys For tomorrow and for the rest of the season
  4. Keep up Kirsty, Mick Played in the works league last year, not sure if he's still playing but he is a legend.
  5. Not necesarily the best, but the legends. How about Mick Davies to start?
  6. Who is the worlds greatest ever rugby union player? Its a tough question but here is a personal shortlist. Martin Johnson Ritchie McCaw Lincoln Carroll David Campese Sean Fitzpatrick Brian Habanna What do you think?
  7. nortower wrote: as for cyclists, they are D*CKS. Tell me, if you have a pushbike on the road. Who MOT's it to say its safe to be there? Why do they not pay insurance incase they are in the wrong for a change!!! HOw often do they change there brakes? Tryes? And how often do the police stop a bike and check its road worthiness? NEVER. BAN CYCLISTS Calm yourself down mate,There are good and bad cyclists just as there are good and bad drivers. Most adult cyclists are also drivers and so have the same motoring costs as you do. I can guarantee you that all of the cyclists that compete in the time trials maintain their bikes to a very high standard. Try to remember that every cyclist you pass on the road is a human being and leave plenty of room as you go by,even better get yourself out on a bike you might like it.
  8. Who is the best rugby player in Shetland? My vote goes to Lincoln Carroll ,The open side flanker knows how to play anywhere from 1 to 15 and is the font of all rugby knowledge .
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