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  1. i am going to paint my house with cement wash with white cement and a white cement dye, i've seen it done but dont know the mix. can anybody please give me any advice on what quantites i need to put into it.
  2. I want to build but worried about planning, its about 2 meters from the road but the existing one stood for 60+ years but blew down two winters ago, the foundation is still good so I thought I would just build the garage back up on it, it will be 5m X 3m (15 meters squared) and doors will not be facing the road. I'm I allowed to do this? if so what are the rules? And if not are they any way around it? cheers
  3. where in shetland can you get motorbike lessons
  4. i think its a must. i would like to give the people who are against it a few toddlers to take in a carpark and park in a normal space. you might park fine with plenty room at each side when you go in the shop but all it takes is the cars on each side to leave and someone to park rubbish and you cant get the back doors open. i've had that before where i've had to get the kids in one side the amount of times i've been in a car park and not got a parent space and park in a normal space and the car door blows open and hits the car beside. i think you need it more for the space to get a door fully open. its pretty difficult to grab your bag, bags for shopping, baby then a toddler with the door not fully open i was at tescos today. my youngest was asleep so my boyfriend parked up the back and sat in the car 40 minuts while he slept and i shopped. he then woke up, so he parked the car in the parents spaces down at the front and came in with the baby. we then the kids back in the car and our shopping in andd he wanted to go back in for a look so i took the car up to the back of the car park so someone that needed the space could get it rather than me sitting in the car with 2 kids while my boyfriend went in
  5. any updates on the road going up to the yell ferry from laxo?
  6. Hows the road to Yell looking? Heading up there later tonight
  7. Where is the best place to buy coal in shetland, taking into account delivery and price per bag
  8. The power keeps going off and on in brough whalsay. Anybody else having bother.
  9. Can anyone recommend somewhere to go out and eat on Friday? Wanting to go somewhere nice
  10. Hi II was wondering are their any Hetas folk in shetland to install Fire places. Do you have to get your fire installed with hetas certificate? or what other way can you go about it. thanks
  11. I'm glad your not in it for the money and I bet most people aren’t either but this post is about people profiting on the ticket sales and it will happen. No harm in looking at ways in trying to stop it. And I'm not judging who is and isn't a genuine fan, probably the person profiting from ticket sales is a massive fan who knows ? This is only a post about profiting on ticket sales thanks
  12. I do agree Fjool, their nothing wrong in selling tickets for face value.
  13. I would have loved to go a see the levellers but like must people I never got one as the where allowing one person to buy 10, Now you see Shetlink covered in wanted adverts looking for tickets and shortly people will be selling them on shetlink to. Now theirs nothing wrong with wanting tickets but I don't think people should be profiting from them, it's a joke. It was the same for Mumford and Sons, people offering £80 etc on Shetlink, helping people profit on ticket sales. I think shetlink should take a stand and remove any adverts doing with ticket sales, even the wanted ones as it's making just to easy for the people who are out to profit on tickets.
  14. thanks guys for the help, i'm going to talk to my plummer and get him to sort it,
  15. i'm putting in a radiator in a couple of rooms what size is recomended heres the sizes. living room 5.4m long by 3.4m wide 2.4 high (two windows) bedrooms 4m long 2.4 wide and 2.4 high one window any help would be very helpfull, thanks (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources***)
  16. What kind of chimney do you need for a multi fuel fire, I want to burn peat and the rest. They are no chimney in the house at the moment, also where would be the place to buy it,
  17. We're paying £130 a month for Storage heaters and their wanting more because it's not covering what we're using, we have 2 large and 1 medium and their all on full this last week due to cold conditions and the house is freezing at night. when we get up in the morning we have to put on your gas heater to warm the house. The house would you belive as just had new insulation in the loft and new storage heaters and belongs to the council,
  18. Who can do an extension on my old house, i'm looking for someone to do the plans, planning.... well, the whole lot really. Whos got the best prices, Not cowboys ect
  19. Are northlinks ferry fares gone up in price???? I hope not, I think it's expensive enough (***Mod edit - changed title to cover all Shetland ferry fares***)
  20. Ye i'm sure your right, They where very very helpfull on the phone, he sat a spoke to me about alot of idea's,
  21. I think the stuff they use now will be different, I may be wrong? I Asked heatwise if the stuff they used could breath, they said it could, it's some sort of fiberglass insulation. to be honest I cant help but dread that it will restrict airflow and case damp, i just don't know enough about it thats why i'm looking for as much info as possible, thanks for all your replys
  22. I'm thinking of getting my external cavitys insulated, the house is single story with a wooden kit with block work on the outside with a 50mm cavity, It'll be shetland heatwise who does it. Are their any cons with getting the cavity filled,
  23. I have a small detached house and looking for a way to heat it, it has storage heating just now
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