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  1. Hi


    Can anyone reccommend any accommodation that would be suitable for a family of 6.


    Its two adults, two teenagers and a 4 and 3 year old


    Really if there was accommodation for 4 that was spacious it wouldn't be a problem as the little ones dont take up much room and have their blow up beds with built in quilt so they can sleep anywhere.


    It would be for 2 or 3 nights and not to expensive. Self catering prefered but flexible. Would prefer Lerwick but anything will do just to get away for a couple of nights



  2. i know in a lot of hotels now, tips have to be declared wheather its housekeeping, waiters or reception that gets the tip. even in a small 30 roomed hotel it still has to be declared


    it then goes through the books and now comes up on a payslip each month.

  3. hi


    i'm looking into a family holiday for 2 adults and 4 children


    wondering if we should chance heading south and getting a last minute deal or doing it safe and booking in advance


    has anyone had any sucess going south then booking? also, does can anyone recommend a family holiday thats all inclusive and would like to fly from glasgow either in the summer or october holidays

  4. hi


    i spoke to the staff at edinburgh airport last time i flew and they were saying that even though its flybe they still go by logan air policy or something like that.


    so it doesn't matter if your 1kg or 20kg over there is a one off charge of £10 so you might as well fill another case up to 20kg


    i was all set to pay my £10 a couple of months ago when i flew. i found out my 15 month old daughter gets a 20kg allowance even though she sits on my knee.

  5. I find that even in outlying areas the mobile phone signal isn't to bad, and if you are out of range a 10 - 15 minute walk gets you back in range.


    I'd like to try that when heavily pregnant in the snow with a 1 year old to push!!! you'd freeze before you got anywhere


    i've tried to make calls on that road and the only place you get a signal is just when i get to the bottom of that big hill past tingwall airport


    travelling from whalsay on the ferries the car is always stocked with blankets and food


    i guess you'd just have to wait for the next passing car and hope it stops

  6. Hi


    I've often wondered what you'd do if you broke down in Shetland.


    Everytime I drive from Whalsay to Lerwick I always wonder what would happen as there are no houses for miles, no signal till your nearly at town. Some times i've drove all the way and only passed a couple cars.


    Especially in this weather I really wouldn't like to be stuck in cold conditions with a baby in the car.


    Would your mobile be able to call 999 even if its out of signal and get help that way?

  7. i know, i would love to stay in the hospital accommodation but its just bad timing that the isles accommodation is closed :(


    they are apparently opening 4 rooms up, maybe on a ward or something. i don't know much about these but i would really need somewhere that i could make up my daughters meals. i'm popping into the hospital through the week to find out more


    i'm finding it difficult to book anywhere like self catering. if i have the baby early a lot of the self catering places want a months notice for cancelling. so i could end up booking for 2 weeks and not going and getting a big bill


    also, need somewhere so when i'm in labour my mum can come up and babysit

  8. Does anyone who's had to book private accommodation know if your daily accommodation allowance will cover having to pay if you have to cancel due to having the baby early and not ending up going to aberdeen?


    looking into self catering and would need to book for 2-3 weeks. i'd still have to pay even if i have baby early and cancel. if that makes sence

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