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  1. heard it in whalsay. what a fright. not used to that sort of thing here. last thing that flew over head here was john coutts taking photos
  2. that is really not good news. just speaking to my boyfriend and we were planning to stay in the hospital as we're on a budget i know the red cross's rates are low but will there be any reduced rates? even paying their rates isn't within our budget. especially as we're going down a week before my due date and could be there for 3 weeks really worried now
  3. oh my goodness. thats not good news. i'm due in feb. i'll need to speak to my midwife has anyone got anymore information on this?
  4. thats handy to know about the water cooler. i'll keep that noted for next time i fly and take an empty bottle to fill up
  5. How many times do you hear of folk getting to aberdeen/edinburgh and sumburgh then turning back because of mist or they cant land. more so at this time of year a family member had their baby in aberdeen and that very thing happened. that could mean for a new baby 2 feeds in that amount of time. My friends son had 11 bottles of milk a day till recently. If you've ever flown with a baby you know you need to be prepared. Sumburgh isn't like edinburgh airport where you can just nip into boots and buy some baby essentials should a delay occur. Most mothers like to be organised. not just for themselves but for the other passangers. Especially when the planes are so small and you cant really walk up and down the isle when the baby is crying or fidgity. My cure for my daughter is slowlyg feeding her on the plane as that keeps her quiet, hence being prepared with plenty food and nibbles.
  6. i'm quite happy to get my bag and things checked but i'm complaining because i was well within the guidelines and was told by a member of security that there is no way my daughter could eat what i had packed because the staff members grandchildren dont eat that much. how does she know what my daughter eats!!! i packed enough to feed her on the plane and altogether i had less that 400ml (when i could've had a litres worth of stuff) and i was delayed 2 hours. which going by the regulations is acceptable so i should'nt have been made to feel the way i did. i should've just gone through security, had my bag etc searched and on my way. but instead they were like 'we'll let you off this time' like i'd done something wrong i was that flustered that i told security to take her bottle of water. so i then had no water for her
  7. hi would Tavish Scott be the best man to get in touch with?
  8. Heres the UK rules going by what http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Publictransport/AirtravelintheUK/DG_078179 say. i've found a couple of other transport websites. i'll look them out and post on here Baby food and baby milk You are allowed to take baby food, baby milk and sterilised water in your hand baggage. This includes: soya milk for babies sterilised water for the baby (must be in a baby bottle) formula, breast milk or cow milk specifically for babies baby food of various consistencies You are allowed to take enough for the journey. In some cases this may be over 100ml. The adult carrying the baby food or milk may be asked to verify it by tasting. Heres flybe's baggage rules Question : Can I take liquid's on my Flybe flight e.g Drinks, Baby Food, perfume etc ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer : You are only allowed to take small quantities of liquids in your hand luggage. These liquids must be in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres each. You must pack these containers in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of not more than one litre capacity per passenger. At the airport: To help screeners detect liquids, you must: • present all liquids carried to the screeners at security checkpoints for examination; • take off your jacket and/or coat. They will be screened separately whilst you are screened; • remove laptop computers and other large electrical devices from your hand luggage. They will be screened separately whilst you are screened. You can still: • pack liquids in bags that you check in – the new rules only affect hand luggage; • carry in your hand luggage medicines and dietary requirements, including baby foods, for use during the trip. You may be asked for proof that they are needed;• buy liquids such as drinks and perfumes either in an EU airport shop when located beyond the point where you show your boarding pass or on board an aircraft operated by an EU airline. If they are sold in a special sealed bag, do not open it before you are screened otherwise the contents may be confiscated at the checkpoint. (If you transfer at an EU airport, do not open the bag before screening at your airport of transfer, or at the last one if you transfer more than once). All these liquids are additional to the quantities in the re-sealable plastic bag mentioned above. If you have any doubts, please ask your airline or travel agent in advance of travel. Please be courteous and cooperate with airport security and airline staff. Liquids include: • water and other drinks, soups, syrups • creams, lotions and oils • perfumes • sprays • gels, including hair and shower gels • contents of pressurised containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants • pastes, including toothpaste • liquid-solid mixtures • mascara • any other item of similar consistency
  9. thats a good idea. it would be worth speaking to them. they must have some sort of procedure in place if they are going to search folk with children, buggies, baby bags to unpack. it took about 10 or so minutes by the time i got her out the buggy, got searched. they i had to take my belt of, re-pack my bag, get myself sorted again. sort the buggy out and get her in the last couple of times i've flown my boyfriend has drove me down and he's come to security and held the little lady whilst me, the baby bag and the buggy get searched and i'd do all the tasting of the bottles/food then i'd go back through and get her this time though i drove down myself so he wasn't their to do his bit
  10. it was solids i had and i got hastle and I was well within the limits. i could've had more going by what the transport folk say. next time i'll be taking a copy of the rules with me. i like to time my flights in with feeding my daughter as she isn't one for sitting at the best of times especially if she has to sit on your lap. i like to use the food as a distraction. its not like their big planes where you can let her stand up and go for a walk so normally its a constant wrestling match trying to keep her seated and the food helps a lot aand another thing. there was no one at security that looked like they were even going to help me with the baby whilst i got checked. thankfully someone in the cue helped me
  11. hi i've just been thinking. when we went for our 20 week scan at the hospital there obviously not allowed to tell you the sex of the baby in shetland. even though we tried!!! the staff were saying they did have all the technology/equipment to do those fancy 4D scanning, dvds etc. we were telling them how we were going to be getting that down whilst i'm south and they said how annoying it is that folk can go somewhere and pay a fortune to find these thigns out when they had all the stuff i got the gender and 4D scan done today. it was amazing. even if i didn't want to know the sex it was amazing to see the 4D scan. the place was set up with a big L shaped couch, big screen tv and you could take friends and family along. it was like a cinema. the bed where you got the scan was slightly away from the couch so you had your privacy whilst the big bump was out. i could also see the screen but back to my original point. why cant the hospital offer gender scans or 4D scans and charge for it (maybe not charge the large amounts like they do here) and put the money towards the maternity department/aberdeen accommodation etc. it would've been nice to get that done in shetland knowing the money was going towards something good.
  12. hi i'm going to take the exact same sizes of jars, fruit pots and petit felous through security when flying back to shetland from edinburgh next week and see what the reaction is. I also had a half eaten sandwich that i had for my morning sickness so i will make sure i have the same for my sickness on the way back i will report back next week!!!!
  13. hi just wondering for those of you who have had to take children down whilst staying in the maternity accommodation what did you do with the child whilst in labour? my daughter will be 17 months and wondering what to do? my mum is a couple hours drive away but cant just leave her work when i go into labour
  14. i don't think the person paid from what i heard also the council could've got the job done right first time rather than covering it up. so we had 2 guys out to put flooring over the original floor, so that would've cost a days work, tools, new plasterboard (which then got ripped up and binned). then there was the many complaints and time taken to respond to that and come out and inspect it again. more man hours wasted. then in the end 3 guys came to do the job right. more expense when every worker that came into the couldn't understand why it hadn't been fixed first time
  15. thats a good one by jamlar. it took the council over a year to lift our cats pee soaked floor. they did come and replace it but unknown to us they put the new flooring on top of the soaked flooring so problem wasn't sorted when they lifted the original flooring it took, my boyfriend, 3 council guys, paint scrapers and a lot of bleach and about 30 minutes of scraping to get the dried in pee from the floor insulation underneath. thankfully the workers were really good and could smell that it had gone up into the walls so they replaced that and done a really good job. if only the workers were in charge we would'nt have had to live in a stinking house for a year!!!!
  16. yeah, i'm going to be making a complaint when i get back. cant keep getting this everytime i pass security. i cant help it my daughter is a good but big eater. going by direct.gov's transport website and flybe I was well within my limits. i could've had up to 1litres worth in my hand baggage, in 100ml containers.
  17. i think i'll definately be taking sandwiches and fruit next time i fly from sumburgh. im lucky shes at that age where she's on solids i flew whey se was 3 months and i got a row for taking 2 bottles and a bottle with water in it. its just such a worry. shes still that young that you cant say wait an hour for food and when there is no trolley service or shops in the departure lounge where you can buy more supplies if a delay occurs or if you have to turn back there was half a sandwich in her box for me. i even said to the lady that, that was for me as i'm suffering morning sickness and its for me to take a bite out of every now and again and if i get bad then i'd even eat the jar she didn't eat!!!! when i flew from tenerife we didn't even need to go through the main security, they had a small security area for buggies/babies and they were so helpful and you didn't feel like you were holding up a que what did you do with teh open yogurt? i would've fed it to her in the security que!!!!
  18. Hi Just wondering for those of you who travel with babies what you take for your flight? Its the 2nd time I've travelled and been made to feel like i've done something wrong, by the same lady, when their going through the baby food. I flew the other day with my 15 month old. in her lunch box she had 2 jars, 2 small petit felous, 2 small fruit pots, a small tub with tatties in it (in case she didn't like the jars - she doesn't normally get fed jars) As we were travelling from the islands we were up earlier than normal so that already messed up her feeding routine. Got to the airport to find out there was a 2 hour delay. So she ate 1 petit felous, 1 fruit pot and 1/2 a jar. Didn't like that so she ate the tatties. There was no bin so i put the half eaten jar back in her lunch box I was then left with enough food for 1 feed should she need it. I got to security and the lady was not happy with the amount of food i had. I explained she eats alot, has been travelling and is totally out of routine. To which she said she had grandchildren and theres no way a child would eat that much. I tried to tell her she would and but she wasn't listening. Other people in the que came up to me in the departure lounge and said the lady was out of order for the way she spoke to me I've checked the transport website, flybe, and a few others for food rules and I seemed to be well within the limits. I don't know why i was spoken to like this What do you take and has anyone had bother? Normally I would've taken more food at this time of year as i've heard of so many people getting delayed or the plane has turned around. I've flew a lot with my daughter and its just sumburgh i've had bother with
  19. Hi Can you fly from Sumburgh when your passport is out of date? My boyfriends mum is flying this month and all she has for id is her out of date passport. its out by a few months. she doesn't have a photo drivers licence and i'm not to sure what other ID she could use
  20. i got to stay on the st suiniva years ago when me and my friend were travelling up when we were 16. at least we got to stay on the boat rather than pay for a hotel i don't understand why they cant let you stay on the boat. if my boyfriend didn't have his friend their (luckily his friend was in) he'd have been wandering aberdeen with a fairly large suitcase and 80litre backpack looking for accommodation today having worked in hotels in aberdeen i know how difficult it can be during the week to get into any hotel or b&b and if you do your paying top rate for it on top of your ferry fare and food for an extra day
  21. hi does anyone know why the boat isn't sailing tonight from aberdeen? i just called to book my boyfriend on it and was told it was cancelled. didn't really have the best signal so couldn't hear much such a pest, he'd just left fife at 9 this morning and could've still been here
  22. october 6th is the day they all blacked out april 29th is the day everyone saw in their future vision
  23. i didn't realise you can claim back you money if you pay for accommodation. is that only if you stay at the red cross or can you book elsewhere? also, does it just cover me and will my boyfriend have to pay? thanks
  24. if i took away a bottle of bleach and my marigolds would that sort the cleanliness problem? do they have a kitchen? just been looking at prices for other places and its a bit much, especially if i'm there for a few weeks. so might need to try and get a room in the isles accommodation
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