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  1. are they not planning to do up the isles accommodation? i've been putting my change at the local shop in a box for the upgrade of the maternity accommodation for months now
  2. banzai - would you take a 1 year old to the red cross accommodation? i've not heard much good about the isles accommodation and seen some pics of the mess!!!
  3. Hi I'm heading south to have my next baby. Can anyone recommend accommodation to stay in? I'll be taking my 1 year old so it would be handy to get somewhere close to the hospital. im not sure if the hospital accommodation would be suitable from what i've heard and i'm not even to sure if children are allowed to stay there Also, has anyone had to go south for a baby and take their other children? if so how did it work out?
  4. Hi Just wondering what the procedure is for changing flybe flights? How much charge is there? Thanks
  5. Just noticed this B&Q site that delivers http://nextday.diy.com Read through their deliver page and it says they deliver to highlands and islands. Only thing is says is it might take up to 4 days
  6. how annoying, my mum has just had to pay full fare for her, partner, dog and car, to come up yesterday only to read in the times that the friends and family has started again... grrr we've been phoning for weeks to find out if they were going to be offering it and northlink's staff seemed to have no clue if it would even be running again very annoyed. they thought about cancelling their holiday. glad they never but its a pest they couldve saved money
  7. Hi Whats everyones thoughts on B&Q's kitchens. Thinking about getting one but just wanted to hear peoples experiences with them Thanks
  8. you should come to me for a spray tan. much safer
  9. it was the main booking number i called thats on the website. whatst the kirkwall number?
  10. called northlink. waste of time. they don't know if its going to be on again, grrrrr i asked if there was any discounts on and they don't know!!!! whats the point in having friends and family register with northlink.
  11. definately make it all year round. i met up with my dad abroad as it was cheaper for him to pay for me, my boyfriend and daughter to go to his place abroad rather than him to pay for fuel to aberdeen, ferry, car, meals for the day you travel etc more of my friends would visit if it was cheaper and i'm sure theres a lot of people that would be the same. but it works out cheaper to go abroad than come here so i know what i'd do!!!
  12. Hi How much does it cost for delivery up here and do you order online as normal? Thanks
  13. my boyfriend got me a fish supper from the brae chippy. the menu was in the link in the food forums and opening times on that. mmmmm very happy now. cured my morning sickness for today!!!! its good to know what time the fort chippy opens for future cravings
  14. Hi What time do the chippies in town open? I'm craving chippy fish and chips with salt and vinegar and some mushy peas mmmmm
  15. Hi I got an isle car the other day. It has been off the road for months so I'm needing to tax it. We have the log book (v5) but its not been chanaged to our name yet Is this okay to take to the post office to tax it?
  16. %5Bimg%5Dhttp%3A//i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo65/peerietr00ker/P1000629.jpg[/img]
  17. I have a baby and it is handy having the spaces at the door, but for me its more the extra room to get the doors wide open to get the baby seat in/out of the car without having to squeeze in whilst trying to avoid banging the car next to me. especially up here with the wind catching the doors and blowing them wide open if i am squeezing in what i dont understand though at tesco is theres no dip in the kerb to get the trolley close to the car if coming out the cash exit. if its a fine day i normally park up the back where no one will probably park at the side of the car, but if its wild i prefer the other ones so i can leave the trolley inside whilst i run to the car with the baby then i go back for my trolley
  18. hi i contacted ikea, IKEAEDINBURGH.ORDERS@MEMO.IKEA.COM in january to enquire about prices, you would order through ikea email and Shetland Transport would delivery. heres there reply: Thank you for your enquiry into our Shetland service. We use Shetland Transport as our courier and they charge the customer for delivery themselves. We actually only charge youfor the price of the goods. I'm not sure of the exact pricing they use, but (certainly until recently) it was something like...a minimum charge of £7.50+VAT, 1/4 pallet £25.00+VAT 1/2 pallet £40.00+VAT Full pallet £80.00+VAT For exact and up-to-date prices, you can contact Shetland Transport directly on 01595 695 792. If you can e-mail through a list of the goods you require, I will compile a quotation and send this back to you. If it looks to your satisfaction, you can then call withcredit/debit card details to confirm the order.
  19. thats terrible. i flew with flyglobspan the other week and they have a new system where your to add you baggage after you've selected your flight. i didn't know this and went to check in we put our cases on the belt and they said you haven't selected any baggage. luckily i'd ticked for one case as i thought i was adding extra baggage so we only had to pay £13 but if we'd added the baggage online when i booked it would've been £8 but once we were abroad we had to go to an internet cafe and add our baggage for coming home or we'd have got a big shock at the airport
  20. hi i spoke to the lady at the check in desk at edinburgh the other day and quizzed her about the luggage rules. she said if you go over your 20kg limit you have to pay £10, even if its just 1kg. but if you want to pay extra baggage its £10 for a maximum of 20kg...another suitcase worth. so you might as well take an extra case and fill it full for your £10 rather than just get a kg back. i was gutted when i heard this. if i'd have known that i would've done my winter clothes and some xmas shopping whilst i was south.
  21. cheers for that. never thought of jbt before. sent them an email.
  22. Hi Girzie Do you know how much shetland transport would charge? Having a look at B&Q and found lots of good sheds. Thanks
  23. just back from sunny tenerife. what good weather. at their new thai themed water park - siam park. it was great. had the most expensive vodka and coke of my life though at a pizza restaurant just outside las americas - £7.30!!!!
  24. Hi I'm looking for a shed When I lived south I got a shed 6 by 8 with glass window and good sturdy wood and roof for under £300. That was including getting it built in our garden also. I've been looking for a shed up here and for something similar I've seen prices that range from £750 all the way up to over £1000. Can anyone recommend anyone? I'm tempted to call the guy that done our last shed and see if he fancies a working holiday up here!!!!! Thanks
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