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  1. yeah, i noticed that just now when watching it on the sun website. they done it in slow motion to and you could see the officer clearer my friend is a bouncer and they have to wear clip ties in case of a fight so they cant be choked so if bouncers have to do that then how can police wear scarfs
  2. grated cheese, carrot, onion and mayo mmmmmmmmmmm
  3. have to agree with suzanne. i use www.hotukdeals.co.uk in the search area type in the company name your ordering from to look up latest offers just before christmas i got the free delivery, 10% off and another code worked so i saved about £40 off the one order
  4. just checked mine and it says on the back valid till 2051 but on the front its 2012 so i've got a few years yet also, you've reminded me to change all my car documents as i've just moved. got that all ready to post out tomorrow so thanks
  5. that link doesn't work but here are some numbers that might be handy - Internet Support desk 01392 268518 also 01392 268515 Reservations - Booking & Ticket changes Also: 01392 268529 01392 268522 was 0871 7000535
  6. i had a similar problem yesterday while booking flights. needed to call them as there was a problem after i'd booked my flight online. looked up phone numbers and all i found was a number that was a £1 a minute. i did see a landline number that you were to use if you were having problems abroad with flights. so i called that one instead i've just been on to saynoto0870 website and typed in flybe and it comes up with a lot of alternative landline numbers: http://www.saynoto0870.com/companysearch.php does anyone know if this is possible - when we fly south i normally go first with our daughter so we can visit then my boyfriend comes down at a later date but we return home together. when i've booked this in the past i've had to go in book ours first then go back in and book his sepearte. is there any way that i can just book different flights in one booking? rather than having to enter all the details in twice
  7. the week before i found out i was pregnant i thougt it was odd because i was feeling sick and all i could eat was calzoni pizzas. at the time i didnt eat dairy products so was confused why i kept ordering them in i suffered bad morning sickness so all i ate for about the first 3 or 4 months was cornflakes in the morning and tatties with melted butter and cheese on top. that was my diet for ages. i'd make up a big batch of tatties and that would do me a couple of days for lunch and tea then around 6 months i went through a lot of jars of beetroot. its something i like but wouldn't have normally ate that much
  8. i need to do my 7 month olds picture. we're going away in may. might try and do it myself. my passport runs out in july and we're away to tenerife in may. will my passport still be valid? heard people say then need at least 6 months before you travel
  9. hi we had cctv in our school toilets and that was 10 years ago. it was for many reasons: to stop pupils smoking in the toilets to stop pupils skiving there and if there was any fights it would catch this i cant see what the problem is. in our school the camera was in a small box in the corner of the toilets. there must have been about 20 toilets and the camera looked down the waiting area so its no big deal and
  10. Sugar almonds and Chocolate Liquors mmmmmmmmm
  11. Hi Will anyone from Whalsay who's going to Tesco or Co-op either today or tomorrow be able to pick me up a packet of corriander. please, please, please making a thai lunch on thursday and its just not the same without fresh corriander and there is none in the shops up here
  12. lol i tried that one. asked the other half to take the baby to sook on his nipples so i could have a break. i was desperate!!! he was having none of it haha
  13. having the choice to stay in your bed on a rainy day bobbing about on a lilo abroad bottle of wine, roast chicken to takeaway, french bread on the beach somewhere hot getting a good bargain having a good feed whether its takeaway or home cooked roast chicken with all the trimimings on a sunday a glass of wine once all the housework is done a glass of wine whilst cooking a nice meal a good cup of tea indian food mmmmmmmm, balti, rogan josh, tikka, jalfreizi mmmm being able to get fresh fish daily up here mmmm a good bleather on the phone to friends the internet
  14. hi snow that would be great if you could pm me some details
  15. good good. if anyone knows a representative it would be good to hear from you
  16. Hi Just wondering if anyone does this up here? Theres a few tuperware things i fancy
  17. Hi Wheres the best place to buy the following up here: Silver Dishwasher Electric Shower Dining Table 32" Flatscreen TV or would I be better of shopping around south shops?
  18. Hi Has anyone travelled by plane from edinburgh to sumburgh with their dog? My mum is thinking about coming up with the dog. She's been by boat with the dog but isn't to keen on taking her on the boat incase its bad weather.
  19. not sure if its already mentioned but public showers. the p&o used to have lots. i used to take the cabins with no bathroom so i always made use of the public shower. i spent ages the first time i used the new ferries looking for the showers only to be told there was none. theres nothing worse than kipping on the floor on the northlink boat then having a long onward journey and no shower in the morning.
  20. Hi Does anyone know if its open tomorrow - sat 19th?
  21. ooooooh, had to comment here was driving home the other night from lerwick to laxo ferry ahhhh there must have been a 15 car tailback. there was a car pottering along at 5pm rush hour going between 20-40 miles an hour. there was light rain but nothing for you to think its dangerous. everyone was keeping their distance but we still had full visability and the wipers were on minimum so there was no need to be driving at that speed anyone know the reg sv08 e*a was going to report them.. it was shocking. i was always taught if your in a 60 go 60 don't pi55 about at 40 if your in a 60. i've heard of folk fail for going to slow. the speed limit is there for a reason. if your not confidend and see tailbacks pull over and let folk past. i do it even though i'm doing the right speed. if someone is coming up faster behind me i'll indicate, slow down when safe and let them pass. no problem
  22. i know, if their warm then you wonder who the hell as warmed it and what the hell they're contribution is!!!!
  23. hi when i say i just got it last week that was the scan not the letter
  24. yeah, just got it last week. had the baby in june so would've got my letter from shetland nhs not long after that i did find it strange. was trying to work out how many folk would need one going on a 9-5 shift for hospital staff. it took 10 mins approx and thats time for undressing, there must be a huge demand. will need to look out my letter to get an actual date but i thought 18 weeks was a huge wait for the size of shetland the one thing that was different from south was i had to go for xrays first they had 3 rooms that you'd go in and get changed into the gown and wait till your turn. all 3 rooms led to the xray room so they'd always have someone there waiting. where as here it was 1 changing room. no place for the next person to be ready and waiting so no delays or hold ups
  25. hi daveh just been out in the hall and their is no smell. there is only really a smell when you put it on then it goes away and i've never noticed a smell. its right across from the bathroom and i have that window open so that might help if there is any smell and the hall has high cellings with a very drafty window at the top. i think its just brilliant even on the lowest heat. its t-shirt heat in our house!!!!
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