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  1. hi i'm glad you've started a topic on this. i was just about to do the same we've just moved into our 3 bedroom house. there are 3 storage heaters downstairs and we've been taking readings the same time everyday and for having 3 heaters on its costing approx £6 a day then you've got your normal electricity on top of that. Your not even getting a hot house for that and there is still a chill in the house upstairs there's a wall heater in each room, in the baby room the temperature is as low as it can go on the chart. so we're all sleeping in the same room to save on electric and are using an oil filled heater during the night we have that economy 7, hate it. lived in a place years ago that had it and didn't like it then. i sit up till late and stick the washing machine on and things like that when its the cheap time but yesterday, my boyfriend came home with a delonghi blue flamed calor gas heater and a full tank of gas.... loving it. we've got it downstairs in the hall on the lowest setting and opened the doors to the 2 bedrooms rooms we use upstairs, the kitchen door and bathroom door are also open and all these rooms are nice and warm now instead of a bitter chill in the bathroom and kitchen on the baby temperature chart its now nearly in the too hot zone so i'm really chuffed with the heater i'll keep you posted on how long the gas lasts. it was £150 for the heater, tank and full tank of gas. i think its a good investment especially up here when there's powercuts and in the summer we'll be able to turn off all the heaters and just have that for when we need it
  2. Hi I'm just about to book my summer holidays and looking into flights off Shetland. I've not booked since Flybe took over and was wondering if you still need your air discount card?? Thanks (***Mod Edit - Merged with existing thread***)
  3. I cant see them working up here. You'd get one grey bin that was emptied every 2 weeks and that was for normal rubbish, then you'd have the blue bin for paper and that was emptied the week after the grey bin. Then in summer months you'd have a brown bin for grass cutting and that would get emptied the same day as the blue bin. When I lived south there was a few mornings I woke to find the contents of my wheely bin blown up the street. Living here and having strong winds nearly everyday I cant see it working I just had to take my bin from the back of the house round to the front and that was a pest, it would be even worse up here where houses are up long drives or bumpy roads Also think of streets in Lerwick like Leslie Road, its bad enough trying to park you car can you imagine the bin men having to squeeze wheely bins through the cars in Shetland weather, not a good idea Sometimes the truck couldn't get up our road as it was a one way street so we'd have to was 2 weeks till they came for the bin and by that time it would be overflowing, but they would only take whats in the bin so half our street would end up doing an extra run to the tip every now and again
  4. Hi Does anyone know what time hes open till tonight?
  5. Hi I was just wondering if you can order clearance items thats on their website from the offices up here? A friend of mine said she spent ages looking up deals only to get to the office to place her order and they wouldnt accept the deals. Not wanting to find loads of bargains for the same thing to happen to me (***Mod Edit - Merged this thread and the previous three Argos threads together! ***)
  6. i know, how could anyone live like that thats just all their doing so off to tescos to bulk buy bleach, rubber gloves etc. a lot of the neighbours have offered to come in and help us blitz the place and our friends who have got the house across the road has invested in one of those paint machines so we'll see if we can borrow that forgot to take a pic of the bathroom. you should see the toilet and the bath!!! think i'll be washing at friends and families houses for a while and squirt a bottle of bleach round it and leave it!!!!! we're not going to be able to live in it for a few weeks yet so keeping the place we're in on for now and I'll probably go up and stay with family and gets started on the work whilst my boyfriends working
  7. Hi tlady Just to update you. The pee floors have been lifted and replaced and the hole in the livingroom celling has been fixed. It smells a lot better. Its still a tip but need to take it now so its ready by Christmas. I'll try and attach a few pics to show you whats is like now. NOt sure if this will work but I'll try [/img]http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo65/peerietr00ker/Kitchen1.jpg %5Bimg%5Dhttp%3A//i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo65/peerietr00ker/Hall.jpg [/img]http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo65/peerietr00ker/SummersRoom1.jpg %5Bimg%5Dhttp%3A//i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo65/peerietr00ker/SummersRoom4.jpg Our friends across the road have got nowhere and they're having to do it all themselves[/img]
  8. Hey tlady We're still no further forward. Were meant to go and view the house again on Friday but got called and its changed to Monday. But, friends are gettting a council house across the road and their house is in a bad way to (minus cats pee) and they are like us saying they dont see why they should have to pay to clean up someone else's mess. They are due to meet with the person that should be showing us our house tomorrow. So if he's meeting them there wont be time for us to see our place so guess we wont be seeing it till Tuesday now Our friends are also going to the local councillor so he'll be a busy man this week Thanks for that link. I'll definately be on the phone to her first thing Don't really know what else to do. Really getting mad about it all. Thats 3 months nearly we've been all packed up waiting to move. We need to move as our wee one is to big for the moses basket but we have no room for a cot in the bedsit and the council are in no rush to do anything or if they do go up to the house they manage to spend a whole day in it and do nothing Wheres that news reporter that checks out these forums because its shocking the way the council are. The time wasted on phone calls, viewings, folk going to the house and doing nothing is a joke
  9. Hi My boyfreind has an Xbox 360 and our place feels like a war zone most of the day. Him and his friends all have Call of Duty 4 and they all have it live so they all sit and speak to one another and talk team tactics A few weeks ago there was 4 of them playing tiger woods till 3 in the morning, some tournament at st andrews!!!! He just got one of those cameras so now him and his friends can look at each other!! It gives me peace and quite to get on with things like Shetlink and online shopping
  10. Hi Has anyone else had the letter through the post about getting the flu jag tomorrow? I thought I was meant to be moving so everything is all packed up but I did write on the calander "flu jab" next to tomorrows date but I cant remember the times it was open from and if you just turn up
  11. hi spinner72 just wondering how much it cost to replace skirtings? because the cats have peed in the house its in the corners right next to the skirting so im wanting to get those done because they'll probably have cant pee in them. getting carpets laid through the whole house so not wanting to spend all that money then the carpets to be ruined by the smell of cats pee
  12. thanks for that tlady. thats good to know when we were doing our 2nd inspection i even offered to do some of the work myself (before we move in) and they said no the thing i'm worried about is i've heard folk say if they do work to the house and then move out the council make them put it back to the way it was when they moved in. well there's a lot of things that we'd need to change and i'd be worried if we move out we'd be told the same. its things like the window surroundings the previous owner has gone mad with the paint brush and there's splashe's of paint over every window frame and ledge. as the surroundings are varnised wood it would be a hasstle to fix so the only thing i can think of would be to just paint them all white so it looks better but i wouldn't want to do that then have to put it back to normal if we move but i wouldn't want to have multi coloured windown surroundings
  13. hey tlady called him twice and he has been on the phone twice now and he was told the cats pee, clean up, painting and a couple of other bits of work would be done and would be ready for inspection in a week. that was 3 weeks ago. called him again and they've basically said another week. the council said we could set up meetings but i think that is just a waste of more time and in the time we have a meeting the professionals could be in and get on with the work rather than talking about it!!! if they'd just done the work months ago they'd have had nearly 3 months rent out of us now. instead its sitting empty making no money and we've wasted so much time calling them and discussing things then the council phone someone else and discuss it more ......
  14. i would definately call the police. especially if there's kids about.
  15. hi ghostrider you would think. but after waiting 2 and a half months for work to be done (and nothing was done on last inspection) with me, my boyfriend and 4 month old living in a bedsit we're starting to loose our patience and want to try and get a in the house and have it nice for our wee ones first xmas. also looking for quotes to get floors replaced as all 3 downstairs rooms have been peed on by the previous owners cats, window ledges have chuncks out of them from cats claws and one of the rooms has been grafited and theres about 2 inches of dust in every room, even covering dead flies and bees etc!!! nice
  16. Hi Just wondering if anyone knows of anyone who could fix a hole in a roof Due to get a council house and in the livingroom there is about a metre long hole where the paper or whatever was on it has been ripped off and you can see the flooring for the room above. Do you know how big a job this is and what sort of price it would be to fix this?
  17. does anyone know if you can get a catalogue from shetland transport? picking out a house load of furniture
  18. yeah, i've been wondering that myself sureley the supplies are going to run out soon!!!!
  19. hi this is the best news i've heard today. i'm just about to move house. we have a lot of stuff already but needing things like curtain rails, kitchen table, storgage boxes and other bits and bobs.
  20. aww umph man, you've just blown my identity!!!! lol how am i going to have my daily moan now!!!!! i know, i'm just jealous. i wanted to go in it. it had disco music playing and sicadelic lights inside
  21. Hi I'm down at my Mum's in Fife and I've just looked out the bedroom window and there is one of those big limo hummer things parked outside next doors house. There is about 10 or so 6 year olds standing outside it for the wee girl next doors birthday. Is it just me or is that a bit over the top/americanised for a 6 year olds party? It just seems wrong to me
  22. good job you had your ID on you. I wonder what he'd have done if you never had it on you!!! I never carry mines on me Did any of you see that police, camera, action programme on BBC 3, I think. This poor guys car was egged by a group of kids, he got out his car and he was also egged. So he called the police. You would obviously be raging at this and he ended up getting arrested because he was angry and the copper was giving him a hard time when he was the poor victim. You would expect to be angry after you and your car being egged by a group of kids. I couldn't believe they actually showed it because the copper was being a right prat
  23. I have to agree with Auld Rasmie, when I learned to drive in Edinburgh my instructor started me off on quiet country roads outside town and told me there's no need to indicate when no other drivers present. When it came to speed limits he told me if your in a 40 go 40 and not to go any slower or any faster
  24. If I'd have got the young guys name I'd let you know but he was to busy asking us all his questions. There was no time for him to tell us who he was and I think if we'd have asked something like that he'd probably charge us with something!!!! I think if the older officer was dealing with it, we'd probably had a bleather and a bit of banter and all would be well and we'd have gone on our way happy. The young guy should've been taking note and watching how the older officer was speaking to me. I've spoke to a couple of friends about this thread and they said that they'd heard a few folk saying theres a young policeman that a lot of people don't like (these are also folk that have never done anything wrong) and that he has an attitude problem. Not sure if its the same guy but I'll need to ask around to see if anyone has a name
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